Get Whitt it!

For the strength of the pack is the wolf & the strength of the wolf is the pack...

Grade Reminders...

Minimum Number of Grades

o Science – 8 grades per grading period

o Social Studies – 8 grades per grading period

o Math – 10 grades per grading period

o Reading – 10 grades per grading period

o Writing – 10 grades per grading period

Officer Blake

Please talk to your classes about appropriate responses to Officer Blake if they see him in the hall/classrooms. Some students have been trying to touch the weapons on his belt. Make sure they know to say hi, high five, or fist bump, but not to grab at his belt. Thanks!!

Christian Care Center...let's #levelup!

Did you know the Christian Care Center has been operating for over 40 years? Their goal is to help Wylie and its surrounding areas with food, clothes, and household support. Our fundraiser each year is a direct support to our Wylie families. Last year we raised $465, and we have been challenged to #LEVELUP...
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Goals check in!

The week of October 29- Nov 2 will be our goal check in!

I'll be placing in your box your goal from the beginning of the year and your "person", please complete the checklist included on the back and return to my mailbox. There is power in the importance of tracking our progress to achieve goals. Many people fail to accomplish their goals on time not because they lack skills and knowledge, but because they lose sight of what they want to achieve.

Small wins are massive motivators. But we rarely recognize them, because of life. Fall. Rain. No recess for a week. #allthethings.

That's what I want the accountability cadence to be for you...a WIN!

Thank you for turning in your conference list!

Morgan's Musings


Friendly reminder to record your interventions in Aware as well as progress monitoring. If a student is in LLI, you should be uploading the PM documents as you get them from Lisa. Make sure you choose a progress monitoring method and stick with the same one for at least 6 weeks so we get consistent data to monitor growth/deficits.

Fire Drills

If we have a fire drill while your grade level is at PACK, please don't forget that you need to join your class! You can help the PACK teachers ensure that all students are accounted for. I will also still call to clear the teachers in that grade level. You matter, too!

Lego's in the Library

If you have a class in the library, please monitor to make sure the Lego Book Reports are being left alone. We have had some pieces that have gone missing! :( Thank you!

After School Duty and WIN Time

If you have WIN time, please make arrangements in advance with your team so that someone can cover your duty after school. Thank you!

Counselor's Corner

Keep those cans coming! I'm so excited to see our participation this year (we're almost out of boxes!)! Seriously, each can will go to a family who will directly benefit from your support. Thanks for encouraging our wolves to give!

Patty and Patricia pontifications

Shout outs!

  • Enjoy your Apple treats? That's from PTA for having 100% of the staff join PTA before a deadline! woohoo! A round of apple-ause!
  • You made it through conferences! Woo hoo!
  • Jill Johnson! You ran your tests for your team and they were VERY appreciative!
  • Shanda and Brittany went to a Bridges training and came back ALL fired up! Shanda is a fierce advocate for our Wolves getting what they mathematically need, we're going to try and figure out a way to provide additional support for Tier 2 inventions for those Wolves who need it!
  • Kinder is rockN that BAS like the literacy leaders they are! Thanks for being our trail blazers!
  • Kristen B was here this week and had SUCH GREAT THINGS To say about the classrooms she visited! THANK YOU for being such rockstars!!
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Paige Siratt 5

Shannon Souddress 10

Miranda Huggins 19

Sherri Rogers 21

Shari Halpin 21

Staci Crim 27

Patty McKenna 30 (that's the date and my age!!)

Whatcha reading?

Email me the name of the book you're reading, or have on your nightstand to read, for a Teamann treat!

Calendar Comings


25 AT out, report cards go home!

26 Student Celebrations, Holiday parties, carnival: #ALLTHETHINGS (it's also snapshot day!)



31 nice normal, non-costume wearing day!



2 Wolf Howl

5 Magazine Drive begins

6 AT out ESC, Election Day!, picture retakes, PTA board meeting

7 PLC leaders meeting

8 Thanksgiving Lunch day, UIL night, Spring Creek night


12 School board meeting

13 AT out ESC, 4th grade to Austin

14 team leaders meeting

15 3rd grade program



26 WW Christmas begins!


28 Nat'l French Toast day!

29 Parent think tank ,6-7pm


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