The Clermont Steamboat

worth 20,000 dollars

TheClermont Steamboat

This steamboat is 149 feet long with a max width of 18 feet and max height of 62 feet. The clermont can travel almost 5 miles per hour, the paddle wheel are 4 feet wide and 15 feet diameter. This steamboat was used to as transportation for people faster, it could save 150 miles of traveling in 32 hours. Robert Fulton had the idea for this boat in 1802. The clearmont is under the catagory of transportation. Remember to come sail away with us on the Clermont steamboat!

Inventors origin

Robert Fulton was an American engineer.

Want to know more?

This steam engined boat was thought up in 1802 but had a finished product in 1807, its worth is 20,000 dollars. It helped transportation out quite a lot thanks to its miles and time saving power! The Clermont helped transport people anywhere they needed to go and in a quick amount of time.

Come and sail away with us and get to where you need to go in a speedy time!