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The winter break edition

Have Your "SELFIE" a Merry Little Christmas from 3MD!

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This week in 3 MD

This week was a great week with lots of fun learning to be had! We read a few new stories this week about the Christmas Holiday. They were Twas the Night before the Night Before Christmas and Merry Unchristmas. Ask your child what they would do on Unchristmas day! We also dug deep into the Grinch song looking for similes and metaphors. We also used this for poetry study as well. In writing we worked on a Silly Santa activity where a man wanted to be Santa but he didn't look quite right!


Thank you to Owen's Mom, Katie's Mom, Lachlan's Mom, Aidan's mom, Daniel's mom, and Madelyn's mom and dad for making our winter party fantastic!

Also thank you to Lachlan's mom, Katie's mom, Lindy's mom, and Madelyn's mom for being our elf help today with the Polar Express. Without you it would not have been so special!


We did a lot of stuff like having a party. At the party we did a lot of different things like throwing darts at baloons on a christmas tree. We picked someone in our group to be wraped up like a christmas tree. We had a nice snack wile we played bingo.


this week in school we had our party we played fun games like popping the balloon Christmas bingo. for crafts we made snow blub. I almost forgot we also played passing the presents and everyone wins!this was a fun winter party.

The End

by angel


This week we had a winter party.It was really fun we got puffs, dounuts and my favorite were cookies.There were some games that I liked the best.One of them were the on where you had to pop the ballons and if you popped a ballon you would get a candy cane.That was one of my favorite games.The one that Iliked most of all was the one when you were floating around in the jar.


This week we did lots of things. We started out by learning about the grinch. Then we got to do crafts and also don’t forget we read the story! The next day we went to Mrs. Hassel’s 4th grade class and got to eat a mini candy cane and also a christmas word search.

Also this week we got to read lots of Christmas stories and write about them, and speaking of writing we got to write about our Christmas holiday and also fill got lots of google forms. For the forms one of them was what we celebrated. On there was all the Winter Holidays. I picked Christmas because I just celebrate that winter holiday. I loved this week!


What we did this week

This week is the last week until winter break!!! We have had a lot of fun this week! We also only had 3 days of math!!!! The reason we only had 3 days of math is because we had our winter party on Thursday and will watch the Polar Express on Friday. During reading this week we have finished the book “Clemintine”. We had a lot of fun reading it! In math this week we were doing winter math crafts such as a math mystery with clues to figure out the shapes. It was very fun!! We had a great week this week!!!




We had a party on tuseday and we got to pop bollones.We got to play bingo and eat a snake.We got to make snow globes at the party.We got to play a game were you had to pase a box and who ever had the box last got to unrape the first lare and who ever had to unrape the last lare got the prize.The person in my grope was christo and the prize was a bage of candy and erasers and pensals for everybody.


This week we did rock climing in pe class. And in music class we playd are recoders to a honica sang. And in art we did paper weving. In reses we can play are one game or 4 squar or basket ball.


This week in Math we had only had three days of math.WE also learned divisin and multiplication this week.

This week in P.E we got to do cup stacking.We also got to go on the rockwall.


This week in school in Music we sang Christmas songs. There was one song that had some teachers in it. It was called 12 day before vacaion. It had Mrs. Delapaz in it. I loved it. This week we had are winter party. We made are own snow globe. We also played a dart game. you have to throw the darts at the balloons. I got one and I earned a candy cane. It was the best winter party ever! In PE this week we played a game that you had to catch the ball in the bucket. Are team one! It was a good week.


This week we did a fun and exciting winter party.We also sang christmas songs in music class.I also did a game in p.e. we played a game that we had to throw balls in a bucket and hold the ball on our heads and get on a tub to score a point.We also did some reading work at our math time because we don’t have math this week for Thursday and Friday.By Gavin


This week 12-14 12-18 we had our winter party. We had fun games like when we got to throw darts at balloons and if you it one you would get a prize like a candy cane.You would also get a jolly rancher if you hit two in the same round. We also made snow globes First we got a jar and put sparkles in it. Next we put in fake snowflakes and charms then Mrs.Delapaz hot glued the top of the jar. Those were some things we did this week.

By Ivie


Winter Party

Yesterday we had the winter party.At our winter party it was so much fun.We made snow globes and we played bingo,we played pin the balloon and not hot potato but hot present.It was the most fun I’ve had sence my last birthday party.But that’s not the end yet !!!We learned how to wrap presents to!!!!



This week In school we read a story called the night before night before Christmas.Then in Art we were weaving on paper.Then we also had are winter party.It was really really really really really fun.


This week we on Thursday we had a party and we made snow globes and are pitcher was in the snow globe. We are all glad that we got have a party and thank you for the people that help and payed for everything and spent time there with us.This week Mrs.Delapaz read the story how the grinch stole christmas.


Katie Ferrara


In PE we were doing cup stacking and rockwall. I really like doing the rockwall. I expecialy like it when there are opsticle courses. I also like to do cups because it is fun to get faster and race people your speed. I like when we did cup stacking 4 square. That is when you do 4 square but no ball and you race with cups. Also yesterday in PE was fun because there is this game where you try to throw balls in buckets that people are holding. If someone got is the bucket the people that were holding it puts the ball between each of their heads. Then they walk to a certan bucket and drop it on there and let it sit there for 5 seconds and then hit it off. Then you go put a point on the scoreboard. I really like that game but the only thing bad is that if you want to get to a bucket you have a low chance because everybody wants to go to the buckets.




On Thursday we had a winter party.Today we are going to watch the polar express.On Thursday at our winter party we made snowglobs.Today at our polar express we are also going to have hot chocolate.


This week in school we had a winter party and everyone had fun.For the winter party we made our own snow globes and we put a picture of us in the snow globe.Next we played darts,the way we played is that we had to pop a balloon and if we do we get a candy cane.Then we went to the snack station and we played gingo and ate are snack.Last we did this thing that is like hot potato but it is a present and who ever gets the present opens the present and gets something.


This week in school we got to have a winter party. We got to wrap presents and play darts. We also got to make snow globes, unwrap presents, and play bingo! In music we did a sing along and Mrs.Crowe gave us a nice present. In gym we did a scavenger hunt with scooters and other items. This week was very fun, but now it’s time for Christmas break!

By: Madelyn Stien


In p.e we were doing an obstacle course on the rockwall.There were two of them one you had to touch all the letters that were scattered across the wall.The other one was that there were noodles in the wall and you had to dodge them.There was also a rope,but you didn’t have to on it.


This week was fun because in reading we did some grinch stuff and christmas stuff.My favorite part of this week was that we did a story medephor and simile .for example what a simile is in the story is your as caddly as a cactus.I can’t wait till christmas.YAH!




This week on Thursday we had a Christmas party. We did hot patato with a present and if you have it you rip on layer and on each layer there is a small present like candy. We all got the last prize because there were 6 of them. At the next station we got to make snow globes. First we put glitter then a pinch of snow flakes then we added 1 decoration. Finally we put ourselves in and added water. At the next station you had to pop the balloons by throwing darts at them.


This week in class, we had our Winter party. At our Winter party we made snowman, we played darts were there were two darts and you got two chances to win a fruity candy cane. We also played hot potato and got a twizler every time we unwrapped a layer ao wrapping paper. Last We made a snowglobe with a picture of us in it, glitter, and a charm we filled it up with water and then we became a snowglobe.

BY: Tessa Schumacher


In skill switch we made a story to tell everyone.We also did in P.E rock climbing with the obstacle courses and we did cup stacking.We also had our winter party.I got to shoot darts which was really fun!Also we played bingo and had cookies and some chips I think.We also made snow globes and took them home for our parents.We also got to open presents from a station.All we got were basicicly just Twisters and that’s all we got.


This week in school in music we did Christmas carols as sing-a-long.We sang,Jingle bells,and Jingle bell rock.We also sang 12 days before Christmas break.In P.E. we did a game were you had to get some objects but you had to make a lap around the gym doing either galoping/ridding a scooter.In art we made a weaving project out of paper.We were aval to use theese colors,green,red,purple,blue,black,and yellow.But we cant use the colors that we used for the back.