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McCord Messenger November 7, 2022 - November 11, 2022

Pack Party Pics

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Safety Drill Information

McCord Middle School will be participating in a school-wide safety drill on November 14 at 10:05am. Students and staff will practice the Lock-out and Lock-down safety drills - two drills intended to keep students in classrooms during a suspected emergency and prevent all outside entrance into the school.

We realize that safety drills have the potential to create anxiety for students. Our goal will be to provide clear information in a caring manner and to conduct drills in a way that does not cause fear or anxiety for students. Prior to the drill, teachers will work with students in an age appropriate way to understand the difference between the two types of drills and to review expectations during each drill.

In addition, this safety drill will allow our school to practice communication in the event of a true emergency. As a parent/guardian, you can expect to receive notification on the day of the safety drill via email and text message at the onset of the drill and after it has concluded. Since this is occurring across all of our buildings, families with children in multiple schools will receive drill messages from each school. We apologize in advance for sending multiple messages, but we want to make sure all of our systems are working.

If you would like to confirm or correct a phone number or email address so you can receive notifications, please update your information in the Emergency Data Review section of the parent portal. Instructions can be found here: Emergency Data Review Instructions. Please update any information in advance of the scheduled drill.

Please Claim Your Stuff From Lost & Found

Please come and claim your stuff from our lost & found area. We are running out of room to display the lost items. We will be donating any unclaimed stuff very soon.

Have your student check for any stuff they are missing:

  • water bottles
  • lunch boxes
  • clothing, clothing, clothing
  • school materials

International Lions Club Peace Poster

Congratulations Lucy Prediger, for having your poster move on to the "District Level". Here's the link about the Lions Club Poster Contest to get more information and what happens next: https://www.lionsclubs.org/en/start-our-approach/youth/peace-poster
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Peace to me means trusting, giving, sharing, loving and caring for a world in need.

My poster shows the Gray Hand, a person who has nothing and is in need, reaching to the Rainbow Hand, the one who has the peace and love to give.

Lucy Prediger

6th Grader

McCord Middle School

17th Annual 8th Grade Choral Festival

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Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries Seeking to Fill Two Board Positions

The Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries is currently seeking to fill two positions starting in January.

If you might be interested in supporting the libraries through this type of volunteer leadership, please let me know. I would be happy to connect you with the board president.

Board member responsibilities are the following:

- Serve three-year terms

- Attend five board meetings a year & serve on one or more committees

Skills needed on the board include:

- Marketing and writing skills

- Membership development (recruitment and retention strategies)

- Fundraising

- Experience in working with volunteers.

Information about the board and board responsibilities is on this website.

Cell Phone Reminder

Cell phones have become a major distraction to the learning process in recent years. In order to make sure students and staff can focus their time and energies on the important learning happening in the building, we are requiring students who bring their cell phones to school to keep them in their lockers during the school day.

We will use the following protocol for students who have cell phones out during school hours.
  • First time: Staff warning and reminder to go put in locker.
  • Second time: Teacher will call home and with possible teacher given consequence.
  • Third time: Office referral with potential consequence as well as student/family being asked to either leave cell phone at home or drop it off at the office each morning for a collaboratively determined length of time. The office has a locked cell phone box to store phones in for security.
  • Fourth or more: Student will be required to leave their phone at home or in the office for the remainder of the quarter.

Families who have unique circumstances that may impact this should reach out to the Principal or Assistant Principal to set up a meeting and plan for your student's cell phone at school.