Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Adapted by Mrs. Beach's Class

Book Summary

Brian was flying to Alaska to spend the summer with his Dad. During the flight the pilot had a heart attack, and the plane crashed. Brian was alone in the wilderness, but he used his hatchet to make fire and tools to hunt and fish. He was rescued after finding a radio transmitter in the wreckage of the plane. Brian was returned home safely.

Here are a few animals that Brian saw during his time in the wilderness.

The Terrible Storm

The tornado was a turning point in the story. The storm destroyed all of Brian's food supplies and camp, but it exposed the plane. When Brian saw the plane, he decided to get more supplies and the transmitter.

Hatchet was a very exciting book. We all loved it.

What do you think that Brian did when he returned home?

He probably ate a dozen hamburgers.