"Mathemagical" Moments in Workshop

Giving students a moment to shine in their Math Thinking!


  • Engagement should be no longer than 10-15 minutes - motivate them to use their mathematician brains in interesting ways during investigation!
  • Investigation is a fluid part of workshop - sometimes you have to pause and "fishbowl" to show students how a rich conversation looks, or to regroup / redirect students to ensure a successful share time.
  • Have extension activities ready for fast finishers. Have students raise their hands when they are done, so you can discuss their mathematical thinking. Then challenge them to extend their thinking on that problem (adding an additional step or, have an additional problem for them to solve or think about.
  • Don't clean up until AFTER share time! This will allow students to stay focused on what they are sharing and allow the investigation to "flow" into share time seamlessly.
  • Make your engagement / share time space a "special" place that is free from distraction and gives students the ability to showcase their "mathemagical moments".

Math Vocabulary

As educators, we need to be aware of the vocabulary we use with students when learning new skills. The vocabulary we use in math workshop should be precise. If you are wondering if the vocabulary you are using is the most precise - ask! I have many resources to build up your precise math vocabulary which will allow students to build theirs.


  • Wednesday 1-4 - I will be at a Technology Training for Math Workshop
  • 1st Grade Interviews will be finished by Thursday.
  • 2nd Grade Interviews will begin Thursday and conclude Friday.
  • I will schedule a time with each team to review Interview Data next week.
  • Do you have questions about curriculum? Workshop? Number Talks? Click below and schedule a "Mini" cycle or a longer coaching cycle! Let's collaborate to ensure student success!

Number Talk & Workshop Talk Moves

Creating Mathematical Problem Solvers

Analyzing problem solving
Student Centered Coaching Invite

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Math Intervention Time

Treat your built in Math Intervention time as an extension of your workshop until you really get to know your students as mathematicians. The district is developing additional interventions to add to our resources.

Ways to extend Math Workshop:

  • After your initial investigation, send students back to think about a more challenging problem that fits that same GLE.
  • Have students work on different problem types - if they are advanced enough in their thinking, have them create a word problem of the same type and have the class solve it!
  • Use Mentor Texts from the Math Library to create problems for students to think about or discuss.
  • Have a "Math Challenge" portion that allows students to utilize technology tools like "Pear Deck" to solve problems related to your GLE's!