September 2020 - Olle Middle School Parent Newsletter

Hello, Mighty Owl Parents!

We are so glad to have you as part of the Mighty Owl Family. While we have not formally met you in person, we want to extend our greatest gratitude for your support in getting your child ready for school. This year, unlike anything before, requires parents and teachers to work closer together. Because we are in a virtual world, it is important to check-in on your child’s progress daily. This will help your child understand your expectations for attending school and learning at home. This will help your child understand that learning is a partnership with the teacher and family.

Alief Learns at Home

Here are some key ideas to help your child be successful in the Alief Learns at Home setting.

  • Communicate your clear expectations for your child’s virtual learning
  • Create and maintain a learning environment to limit distractions
  • Help your child create a School Schedule with Meeting Times for each class
  • Have your child show you their classes and work in Schoology
  • Review the work your child completed and uploaded to Schoology before 11:59 pm to stay informed of your child’s attendance and academic progress
  • Use Home Access to check your child’s attendance and grades daily
  • Check your child’s Composition Books/Interactive Student Notebooks (ISNs) to confirm that they are actively participating and working in their classes

Virtual Open House

To help lock-in the Parent-Teacher partnership, we will hold a Virtual Open House for all Olle Middle School Families on September 17, 2020. This will give you a live opportunity to meet your child’s amazing Olle Teachers and learn about the course your child is taking.

We are here to support you.

Olle Middle School has an amazing staff to help you and your child feel a sense of belonging and support you throughout your child’s middle school years and beyond. Our Administrative and Counseling Teams are divided into Academies to ensure families develop a relationship with their child’s AP and Counselor. Teachers are divided into Cross-Content Teams to help meet the social and emotional needs of your child. This means that your child’s teachers work together to ensure your child is receiving all the support and resources they need to be successful. Cross-Content Teams hold Student Led Conferences to help them understand what they can do to improve in their classes. Often, parents are called to participate in phone conferences with their child and the Team. Now, with Video Conferencing, parents can engage in Parent or Student Led Conferences more regularly.

Student Performance

It is human nature to want to know how you did on a job, project or activity. Ratings have been unilaterally used to provide feedback to employees on job performance as grades have been used to share information about a student’s progress. Like your job, evaluations of performance on various tasks support you in your growth and opportunities for promotion. You will have multiple opportunities to gauge their performance throughout the year.

Each grading period, your child’s middle school progress will be assessed in a variety of ways including but not limited to tests, homework, quizzes, discussions, warm-up and exit tickets, and projects. All of these will be used to determine your child’s understanding and progress of the content being taught. The content being taught is called the state mandated curriculum or TEKS, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. This means that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) directs what must be taught to your child in each specific class. Each grading period, typically every 3 weeks, your child will receive the following: 1 major grade, 2 minor grades, and 3 other grades. Students are given opportunities to makeup work, get extra help and retest if needed.

Grades will be shared with parents on the 11th of September. These grades, known as Progress Reports, will reflect your child’s first 6 weeks of work with 3 weeks remaining before Report Cards are calculated. Your child’s grade for each class will be calculated by adding their 4 Report Card grades and dividing the sum by four. Students with a score of 70 or better for each class will have passed their class and eligible to participate in UIL activities such as Art, Athletics, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Speech & Debate, and Theater.

Want to help your child improve in their classes? Have them read.

Counseling Team

Our Counseling Team wants to partner with you to support the social and emotional needs of your child. Meet the team and learn about offerings to support your child.

Dr. Frank- Lead Counselor

Ms. Ramirez (A-F)

Ms. Trejo (G-M)

Mr. Smith (N-Z)

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