Project AWOL Reality Series

How 32 Entrepreneurs Tap Into the New Digital Economy

Project AWOL (short for ‘Another Way Of Life’)

Empowering a group of people, internet entrepreneurs to take the reigns of their lives and become financially independent.


By developing strategies and business systems online
in the affiliate marketing space, which produce passive streams
of residual income, members are able to escape traditional business
and work formats, and are then able to follow their passions, adding to a
fuller and richer life.


Season One/Episode One

Project A.W.O.L. Reality Show Season 1 Episode 1

About Us

Project AWOL is an amazing cross-generational group of individuals from all walks of life with a united vision to take online business to a new level and show others who want another way of life how to do so.

Let's lock arms and be a part of a movement...

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