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Week of November 10-14, 2014

TPGES/OPGES- Planning for Student Growth Goals

TPGS Update: Mrs. Briggs has requested substitute teachers to cover the classes of all certified staff required to submit Student Growth Goals for 3 hours on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday this week. This time is being allotted to give you time to work with your grade level PLC (or alone, for special area and "other" teachers) to determine the enduring learning you will focus on and your goal-setting for your students. Please check email for the schedule on Monday. Teachers have until November 24th to finalize their Student Growth Goal, and to enter and submit it in CIITS.

Where do we start?

KDE TPGES Website-

Step 1: Identifying Enduring Skill/Concept/Process:

These are the standards you teach that go across content(s) and endure for the course of a year or more.

  • “Enduring Understandings” are in colored boxes. There are several for each cycle. Identify the most critical area grade-wide that you will teach more intentionally for your 2014-2015 students over the next cycle.

Step 2: Assessing Enduring Skill/Concept/Process and Establishing a Baseline:

  • What is your baseline data?
  • What is your grade-wide goal?
  • How will you assess to reach that goal?

Step 3: The Student Growth Goal Process

  • What resources and supports will you use to integrate the enduring skills/concepts/processes with your students? (The resources used to track student growth must be research-based materials).

Example of Team DIPP (Deep Implementation Planning Process)

(We will create these in grade level collaborative team meetings with our PLCs and update with data throughout each of the assessment cycles with formative and summative assessment results).

Goal Setting: What is the distance from the goal? What is the desired outcome? PRIORITIZE

Subject Area: Math

Enduring Understanding:

  • Mathematical operations are used in solving problems in which a new value is produced from one or more values (O.A)
  • Understanding place value can lead to number sense and efficient strategies for computing with numbers (NBT)

Baseline %: 31.8% P and D on MDA #1

Goal %: 40% for MPA #1

Distance from Goal %: 8.2%

Important Dates in November

10 Glenn and McCoy out at CSIP PD until 12:00/Glenn out rest of day for Principal

Cadre visit

11 Veteran's Day- Please discuss the importance of this holiday with students.

*We will not have a school wide assembly due to substitutes in building.

  • Committee Meetings 4pm- Please read email minutes for agenda

12 LG&E Engineering Club 4:00-6:00pm

15 (Sat.) Elementary Showcase of Schools- Any volunteers to work with Ryan

McCoy and Jill Banta?

17 Report Cards due to Glenn/McCoy 9am

17 SBDM 4:05pm

18 Report Cards Go Home

18 Faculty Meeting

18 Fall Picture Make-up Day

18 PTA Skate World Party 6:30-8:30 pm

19 Vision Pre-screening

21 Pay Day

21 Thanksgiving Luncheon with Parents- We are having Thanksgiving Luncheon

this year instead of Christmas Luncheon. If you want to have students decorate,

or dress up like Pilgrims and Native Americans, please do.