Restoration Spa

March 2016

New! Rezenerate™ MicroNeedle Treatment

New technology makes it possible to virtually eliminate fine lines and wrinkles thanks to this non-invasive treatment, which makes it possible to deliver therapeutic serums to the very edge of the dermal layer. The micro-technology provides maximum absorption and stimulates collagen cells, which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whether you’re combatting aging, blemishes, sunspots, or other skin issues, the direct delivery of our serums will restore the ideal micro-environment your skin needs for optimal function and regeneration. In a matter of days a brand new, smoother, more radiant layer of skin will begin to appear. Within two weeks, you will notice a renewed firmness and elasticity. For long-lasting results, we recommend a series of six treatments.

Infrared Cleansing Cocoon

Banish the winter blues with a series of treatments in the Cleansing Cocoon! Infrared technology enhances your body's natural release of toxins. Wrap yourself in the warmth of this full-body cocoon and relax as it gently stimulates lymphatic drainage, flushing unwanted toxins from your body. A great alternative to harsh cleansing diets, we suggest a series of six treatments.

Tuesday with Kay

Call now or visit our website to schedule a Tuesday treatment with Kay. Treatments include:
  • Facial Therapy
  • Waxing
  • Cleansing Cocoon

Essentially Speaking

A new addition to our newsletter where we'll feature different essential oil each month.

Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis

Aroma: Strong, clear, refreshing
Mind: Enlivens brain cells, clears the head, and aids memory. Very invigorating and strengthens the mind when there is weakness and exhaustion.
Body: Energizes and activates the brain (central nervous system). Known to clear headaches and migraines and may help alleviate symptoms of vertigo. May provide relief for tired, overworked muscles and rheumatic pains. Has diuretic properties and is generally considered a stimulant.
Skin: Astringent properties may ease puffiness and sagging skin.

Lotions and soaps that include Rosemary are a great way to start your day. The stimulating properties of this essential oil may be just what you need to give you a boost in energy and a bounce in your step!