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Remember Egyptian Pharaohs: The best and worst

Akenhaten: The Worst Pharaoh

The man that tried changing our religion, is this man. The worst man that ever lived in Egypt. We did not even want to give him a proper ceremonial for his death. He came to throne and changed his name, and OUR religion. His name was weird, that he wanted himself to look ugly, thats weird, but to change OUR RELIGION is very bad! He is not good, at all.

Hatshepsut: Erased From Life Itself

Her dad really liked her. She was his "little girl". He said that he would be the pharaoh after his death. But, she had a little brother, and it is acceptable for a women to rule, so we said to her that she can be the queen. Shortly after, her brother "mysteriously" died. her brother had a child, so he would be the new pharaoh. Hatshepsut said that she could step in for the little one, while he grows up. The priests said yes. When Hatshepsut's son found out, and Hatshepsut died. It is thought that she was killed. her son tried to erase all records of his mother from everywhere. But there is one thing that he can't erase. Our memory.

Better Than The Gods

Ramses II. He was the most powerful pharaoh, although people thought he was demanding, he had the needs of a god, since he was one. He lived the longest of all pharaohs. He lived to be in his 90's! which proves to us that he is a god (we never had doubts). His temple is one of the most greatest know to anyone of us. The architect made it so on certain days the light would shine on his face inside of the temple.

King Tut

He sadly died when he was only nine teen. We do know that although he did die, he was able to do great things when he would get older. He died from a chariot accident. We wish he could be here. he was the son of akenhaten, the worst pharaoh.

EXTRA: Nefertiti

Nefertiti was the loyal wife of Akehaten who was the WORST pharaoh ever! She really loved Akenhaten and she was said to be the most beautiful woman in all of Egypt. It still remains a mystery how although she was so beautiful he was so...... not. But that just proves that she is an excepting woman and does not judge a book by its cover.


He united Upper and lower Egypt to form one.We used to be against each other, and would not stop fighting until Narmer united them as one giant dynasty. so that there would be no fighting among ourselves. He was our first pharaoh to make a change, that actually started our amazing Dynasty. Sadly years ago, upper and lower Egypt broke apart.


Seti had the biggest, most largest underground tomb. he was the son of ramses and the father of ramses the second. He was the second King of the 19th dynasty. He was a very good general. He died in 1279 BC.

Alexander The Great

He was an amazing Greek general. He was so good as a general that he never lost a battle. When he captured Egypt he said that they could keep their religion and was a very nice man to all of us. He was not mean at all. He will be remembered in our soles.


She was the last pharaoh of Egypt. She was truly in love with alexander The Great. When he died though the romans conquered. She then, was madly in love with another roman General. He also died and she was so sad that she killed herself for him. That was a very sad love story in all and her death was worth remembering.


This guys could have actually had the safest back story of all the people. His father and brother died in war. He was the founder of the new kingdom. He was very young when he took the throne. But when he got older he turned out to be a very very good general. He regained Egypt's land from the hyksos and took revenge for killing his father.


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