Susan G. Komen Foundation

By Brynn and Ava

How It Started?

In 1977 Nancy Brinker lost her sister from a two year battle with Breast Cancer and had started a foundation in 1982 to fight against breast cancer and in memory of Susan G. Komen

Why did it all start?

Her sister died of breast cancer and Nancy was wanting to help others to survive breast cancer Development of idea

Nancy Brinker deicded to raise money for women who have breast cancer and it became global! So help us raise money!

The Idea of this Foundation became...

It became Global! The impact on our community is there is a cure for anyone who has it and can try to get better and will survive cancer and maybe die from it. We help our community out by raising money for the breast cancer walk all around the USA!

Contacts to inform friends and family!

Brynn and I are going to contact friends and family to raise money! I will go door to door and Brynn will make rainbow loom bracelets! Fun facts about Susan G. Komen Nancy told Susan that she will do everything she can to save Susan from breast cancer they even have a walk every year all around the USA!

Background Info

Nancy Brinker started the foundation because she raised money to get a cure and now has the money to get the cure and needs more because of the walk for breast cancer all over the USA she is 67 years old her family is her Mom, Dad, Had a husband but he died in 2000 and also has a son she also went to college the obstacles that she faced was when she started organizing the foundation. Her sister died in 1977.

Susan And Nancy in a photo together

Nancy Posing for a photo