By Ashleigh Melinda Hester

What is it?

Nickel is a chemical element, with a chemical symbol Ni and the atomic number is 28. The item looks like a silvery-White metal with a tint of gold.

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The boiling point is 2913 oC

The melting point is1,455 °C

The atomic weight and mass is 58.6934 ± 0.0002

The element nickel is radioactive

The element nickel is a metal

The element nickel is a solid

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Who discover the element " Nickel" ?

The person who first discovered and found the element Nickel was Axel Fredrik Cronstedt.

Axel Fredrik Cronstedt was a Swedish mineralogist and chemist. He discovered the element nickel in 1751 as a mining expert with the Bureau of Mines.

What are its uses?

Nickel is used for certain types of metals, and so used in the so-called fire assay, as a collector of platinum group Elements.

Is iit safe, stable, dangerous, flammable etc ?

The element is not dangerous. The element Nickel is safe, because it is used in food such as chocolate,fats and vegetables. Nickel is very stable because It belongs to the transition metals and it is very hard. Nickel is has a high melting point but its not flammable.

Value and Abundance

Iron is the most abundant element in metallic meteorites, followed by the element Nickel. The nickel cost $0.76 per 100 grams, so there for it would be a good value.

Common Compounds

There are literally tens of millions chemical compounds known to man and used in industry. While our chemical contains around 17,000 entries for chemicals, we only have around 750 chemical formulas.

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