Drug Presentation

How the drug is used

Valium is taken by being ingested and is used to treat bad anxiety, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or muscle spasms. Valium can be taken with other medications to treat seizures.
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Physical Effects of Valium

If valiium is abused it will cause anxiety, fevers, rapid heart rate, stomach cramps, depression, and nausea.

Valium taken correctly should not cause any symptons except for a few side effects including; drowsiness, dry mouth, and restlessness.

Psychological Effects of Valium

If valium gets abused it will cause more anxiety, aggressive behavior, psychotic experiences, and could lead to further drug abuse.

Valium taken correctly will reduce anxiety, help with alcohol withdrawl symptoms, help with sleeping issues, and treat muscle spasms.

The Cost of Valium

Valium cost from $9 - $14 for for 30 tablets of 5mg when sold in a pharmacy.

When valium is bought illegally it is sold for about $5 per 5mg tablet.

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How Does Valium Enter the Country

Valium is manufactured by a company named Roche Pharmaceuticals located in New Jersey. They create 2mg, 5mg, and 10mg versions of the pill.

Valium is also sold illegally from drug dealers who obtain the pills.

Legality and Drug Schedule for Valium

Valium is a legal drug in the United States and is accepted for medical use.

Valium is a schedule 4 drug because it has a low addiction chance, is a accepted and currently used drug for treatments, but may lead to physical or psychological dependence.

Recent Legislations to Drug

Valium has been accepted now as a legal drug to be used in medical actions, but is illegal for recreational use.

Valium is also still not legal in Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia because of its chance of addiction and abuse chance.

Prevalence of use of valium in U.S., Maryland, and Harford County

In the United States the drug Valium is very common because of its wide ranged treatment abilities, but is also abused by about 100,000 people.

In Maryland Valium abuse can effect nearly 12,000 people each year.

In Harford County nearly 2,000 people annually are effected from Valium abuse.

Addiction Potential of Valium

Valium is a schedule 4 drug on the chart which gives the drug a higher than normal potential for addiction, and most users of Valium who use it for over 6 months show a 50% chance of becoming an addict.

Treatment Options of Valium

Valium has many rehab facilities in the United states that give the patients other treatments to reduce their withdrawl symptoms and help clear the Valium out of their systems.

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