My Mission Statement

For Life And Success

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My Short Term Goal

My high expectation academic goal is to make A's and B's this year, also to work hard the first time. I will not have to use the second or third try, because I will do all it takes to do well the first time.

My Academic Goal

My short term goal for myself is to get A's and B's till I graduate and go into my career, including college. I will stay awake for however long to succeed and excel in all classes

My Long Term Goal

My long term goal for myself is to be a doctor in physical therapy, and to not stop at physical therapy assistant. I will get accepted in the college of my choice because I will have the academic grades that I will not have to take a second or a third choice.

My Overall Outlook

My overall outlook on college, career, and life is success. I know that success is possible, but it takes hard work.

My Life Goal

My lifetime goal is to be happy and have a happy family. I will get married(if that is what my heart so desires), and I will have a family. I will have a happy family, with an adopted child from India. And I will also take mission trips to India annually or bi-annual to help the local community.
Global Expeditions - India B 2012