Reducing My "Ecological" Footprint


My Footprint

I liked this website the most because it was thorough in asking questions about the things having to do with my ecological footprint (what I eat, how much I drive/fly, how many people I live with). Every time I take any kind of quiz related to my ecological footprint, I learn more and more about how the things I do may hurt or help the environment. It makes me more aware of what I do.

What Does It Mean to Have an Ecological Footprint

Everyone who lives on this earth has an ecological footprint! Almost everything someone does effects the earth- what and how much a person eats, how much they drive, what and how much they throw away- it all has a consequence. A person's ecological footprint is how much land is required for the natural resources they use- it is a way to see the effect that person has on the environment.

Carbon Market

In the video we watched in class, carbon market was described as a trade. Carbon market is emissions trading that is solely focused on carbon dioxide. It is a method countries are using to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions being used.

How to Reduce OUR Carbon Footprint

Alternative forms of energy (solar, hydro, wind power, etc)

Dry your clothes outside

Buy local products

Start your own garden

Eat less red meat