Bugella's Weekly News

John Powers Center

Week of May 16, 2016

What Is Happening This Week?

Monday (May 16)

Fowler IEP Meetings 8:00am and 8:45am

Carey AT Meeting 9:30am

Senior Dinner - 4:00pm

Tuesday (May 17)

2nd Grade Field Trip to the Zoo

White IEP Meeting 8:00am

Tackes IEP Meeting 12:00pm

Middle School Team Meeting 3:15pm

Wednesday (May 18)

Oliveri Team Meeting 2:15pm

Thursday (May 19)

Clark Team Meeting 8:00am

White FIE/IEP 9:00am

Boornazian FIE/IEP 10:30am

Healthy Lifestyle Assembly - TL 1:30pm

Friday (May 20)

Middle School Luncheon 11:00am

8th Grade Reception 1:30pm

Color Copies

We have the privilege of creating color copies on our copy machine. I understand that the materials that you create are more motivating if you are able to reproduce them in color. From March to April, color copying at Powers was at an all-time high. Our copy bill was over $4000.00 for one month. This bill was highly unusual for us. If a page has a tiny bit of color on it, we are charged for a color copy. The cost of color copies is considerably higher than the B/W cost. Also, remember to logout each time you complete a job on the machine. Thank you!

Terri's Out of the Building Schedule

Mon., May 16 - Powers All Day to Senior Dinner at 4:00pm

Tues., May 17 - Powers All Day

Wed., May 18 - SEDOL in AM to Powers

Thurs., May 19 - Powers All Day

Fri., May 20 - Powers All Day (Middle School Luncheon)