STEM Investigation Project

by John Nguyen


Purpose: Transportation

Purpose of trains

The purpose of trains is to transport goods or people.

Inventor and when?

The first full-scale working railway steam locomotive was built in the United Kingdom in 1804 by Richard Trevithick

Back then and modern-day usage

Back then in America people used trains for transporting people from across the whole country. Modern-day people still use it for transportation in America but people mostly use it for transportation for goods such as fuel and coal

Innovations and upgrades

Some of the innovations of trains included changing trains into steel from wood for safety. For the tracks they use steel instead of iron this which makes the train alot faster. Back then people didn't have this but now we are lucky to have this air conditioning trains.

Saving natural resources is important thats why some trains run on electricity now.

The impact of trains

Cons- Reliable, fast (faster than cars) and trains transport goods/products

Pros-Pollution, some accidents happen per year


Science- a steam engine was invented by Edward Somerset 2nd marquess of Worcestor and Thomas Savery.

Technology-helped transport pretty much anything such as humans and goods

Engineering-building the inside of the train for people to ride and building it perfectly so nothing wrong happens

Math-measuring the train to fit on the rails and the shape of the train.

What i would change

I would just add on solar panels so the train can run on solar energy might be costly but its going to be worth in a couple of years after using the solar panels