The California Gold Rush

By carter

the starting of the gold rush

Many people went to California during the gold rush to get wealthy. On the journey they had many problems traveling a long distance, needed a lot of supplies, and they all hoped to get rich.

traveling problems

There were a lot of people that had traveling problems. Some people were in bad storms when they were traveling by ship, some crushed by wagon wheels, and it was also very dangerous. Traveling by wagon was dangerous, so many people fell off the wagon


The distance was very long, it was more than 2,000 miles! The time it took was very long too. It took 6 months to a year to get there.

supplies needed

All the supplies they needed was: a wool shirt , thick pants ,heavy boots , slouch pack with salt pork, beans, sugar, flour, hat , pistol , knife ,blankets, cooking pot , gold pan, shovel, and a pick, and coffee or tea.

how much money

Most people only found $1 per day, some got $10 per day, and the lucky ones got $100 per day

the end of the gold rush

They needed lots of tools because it was a very long distance and it was also a very dangerous journey to get there. By the end of the gold rush the population grew more than 300,000.

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