Hope Solo My Story

A Memoir of Hope

Hope Solo's story

Growing up with brothers Hope was tough, and had her hopes set high as a child. In the fourth grade Hope had already decided what her life long profession would. She would play professional soccer for the USWNT, The United States Womens National Team for soccer. With her many years of ODP (Olympic Devolopment Program) she was definetly ready for the task of becoming a player for the United States National Team. Hope tried out for the women's national team and successfully made the cut, in 2000, and has been a goalkeeper for them ever since. Hope was born in Richland, Washington in 1981. Soccer had been her sport of interest ever since she was a child. Mainly because her father was the coach of her grade school team. When hope had her mind set of her career, she started making a dream a reality. She ate right, trained, did cardiovascular exercise and gained muscle. She became one of the top athletes at her school and continued on through high school. Now she might even be considered as the best goalkeeper that the United States has ever seen. Hope has even received 2 gold medals for the U.S. in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Hope is a stupendous goalkeeper and deserves what she has earned because of her dedication, hard work, commitment, and love for the game.

Eli Gowen 5/12/13 May Book Project Mrs. Fournier period 2

Hope Solo best saves


Task- A job or piece of work that has to be undertaken.

Proffession- A ocupation, that requires qualification.

ODP (Olympic Devolpement Program)- Training that prepares you for the Olympics.

Stupendous- causing amazement; astounding; marvelous.

Cardiovascular- of, or pertaining to, or affecting the heart and blood vessels.