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February 1-12

From the Principal's Desk!


1. Feb 15th : No School- Professional Development for Faculty

2. Feb 19th : End of the 4th grading period.

3. Dance classes moved to Fridays at 3:15 pm it is important that all interested (Grades K-8) should sign up, contact Judy Coulter (

3. Piano lessons will be on Wednesdays at 3:15pm contact

4. Band & Guitar lessons will be offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays, please reach out to Ken Kutz,

5.Parents if your child is interested in joining the band (Grades 4-8), please sign up and rent the musical instrument of choice ( the rental payment will go towards owning the instrument once fully paid).

Elementary School

Kindergarten A made the moon phases with Oreos this week. Who knew the moon was so tasty?
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Middle School

STEM: Presentations by 8th Grade

Your design engineers followed our six-step design process to create renditions of hobby organizers based on requirements and suggestions provided by you, the clients. With this link, Presentations, you will have access to all hobby organizer presentations. To find the presentation specific to your hobby organizer, just check the title slide. I’ve instructed students to put the name(s) of their client on the title slide.

All presentations will be available to view on Monday. Monday is also the day we will begin presenting their designs. Presentations will occur on this class Zoom link. We will target 11:30 as the start time and we’ll proceed according to the following schedule:


11:30 Students present “The Backpack”, client: Mr. Gilbert

11:45 Students present “Equipment Storage”, client: Coaches Bookman and Koheel


11:30 Students present ‘The Briefcase”, client Mr. McGregor

11:45 Students present “The Hobby Organizer”, Mrs. Thompson

Cell Phones : On campus

Dear Parents: Please ask your child/children to keep their cell phones in their backpacks once they are on campus and can use it to contact you if needed after 3:15pm.

Happy Valentine's Day

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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO Corner)