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November 2019


Ram Award Winners

Each month students will be recognized for going above and beyond in academics and upholding the social contract.

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Engineering & More

Architecture students are working on learning the drawing skills as they do an in-depth study of a well-known building. They'll produce a pencil drawing of the floor plan, and create a semi-transparent overlay with a 3D rendering using ink! Principles of Engineering are exploring the complex world of statics, a category of physics that involves objects that are in static equilibrium - like bridges! The semester will culminate in a bridge-building competition where students will have to solve their own trusses in their design and predict points of failure when their bridge is tested. Intro to Engineering Design is mastering the art of 3D modeling using Autodesk Inventor. They'll use their new skills to design CO2 dragsters (or other vehicles) and race their 3D printed designs. In Engineering Design and Development, students presented their research on a problem that they found to a panel of professionals, and are taking the feedback to begin designing their solutions! This yearlong project allows students to engage deeply with the design process and work to create a production-ready, patentable invention. In Digital Citizenship, students have just started making 360-degree storytelling virtual reality experiences. Using photospheres, which are immersive photographs that surround the viewer, students will create a story or experience for an audience to experience in VR.
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Upcoming Important Dates

November 2019

11/9/19- Ace Maker's Club GAME DAY 10 AM-2:00PM

11/11/19- Veteran's Day

11/12/19- Student Lunch with Principal (see info above)

11/12/19- ACE Maker's Club Meets 3:30-4:30 PM

11/14/19- Yearbook Club 3:20-4:20 PM

11/19/19- ACE Maker's Club Meets 3:30-4:30 PM

11/21/19- Yearbook Club 3:20-4:20 PM

11/21/19- Stuck for a buck (STUCO sponsored)

11/25/19-11/29/19- Thanksgiving Break (no school)

December 2019

12/3/19- ACE Maker's Club Meets 3:30-4:30 PM

12/3/19- Chemistry class field trip to USAFA Planetarium

12/10/19- FINAL EXAM for World Language

12/10/19- ALEKS Knowledge Check

12/12/19- Written Math Test

12/13/19- Edgenuity curriculum is completed

12/14/19- SSAE Community Clothing Giveaway

12/14/19- Winter Dance

12/17/19- Coffee with the Principal (parents)

12/20/19- ALL student work due at 8:00 AM

12/23/19-1/6/19- Winter Break (no school)

January 2020

1/7/19- School starts back up

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