Battle School

We need you

About Battle School

Battle School is a place where you train to become a commander or to become a soldier for the International Fleet (IF). "The message was clear. Winning is more important than anything."
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The Game room

The game room at battle school is a place where everybody goes during free time to get better skill wise for battle. "Ender liked it better, though, when two boys played against each other."

The Battle Room

The Battle Room is a place where all the Armies go to practice and to compete against other Armies. " "Try it," Ender said. "The suit keeps you from hurting yourself, and you can control your bouncing with your legs, like this." He approximated the movement he had made."
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Wee need you

We need you to come to battle school the Ages required are from six to eight years of age and will be finished when they are 18. "It's what I was born for, isn't it?"
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Thank You For Choosing Battle School