Struggle for Freedom!!!!

Let The Americans Have Freedom

If King Geroge III Wants War, Let It Start Here!!!

.The British killed five innocent cilvilians in the Boston Massacre.

. King Geroge III would not lower the taxes that led to the Boston Tea Party and a Boycott.

. The British made high taxes without leting anyone vote.

. Normal people were forced to let the British soldiers sleep in their houses.

. The Lobster Backs put cilvilians in boats and got small pocs, 6 average died a day.

Famous people:

John Adams

Samuel Adams

Benedict Arnold

Ben Franklin

Nathaniel Greene

John Hancock

Nathan Hale

Alexander Hamilton

Patrick henry

John Quincy

Geroge Washington

famous quotes:

'' Dont fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have war, let it begin here.'' Minuteman John Parker at Lexington

''Dont fire untill you see the whites of their eyes!'' lsrael Putman at the battle of bunker hill.

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