carlos roaro

The slender man is an awful thing, he traumatizes anb abducts people manly (children).Slender man hardly comes out of the forest, and wene he does you better whatch out, for you dont know who will be the nex victun of the slender man.And remember the slender man all ways gets its victem and no matter what you do you are never safe from hem.

The slender man traumatises kids by how he looks.He is 10 ft tall and wears a dark suit, with arms that reach to the floor.he has no face,4 squid like tentacles 0n his back. His apirens is truly frytnighng.

Slender man fines a grup of kids, then stalwks then he takes one of the kids in a blink of an eye.And remember no matter how safe you think you are the slender man always gets its target,and wateber you do keep running and dont look back.