The Freshman Focus

October 31, 2019

Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center

Principal's Corner

Greetings! We are entering a point in the year when time begins to fly. Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here and then it will be time for final exams and tallying earned credits. This is a critical time of year for our freshman. The first semester ends on December 20. As a high school freshman your student will be earning credits at the conclusion of this semester. These credits will count toward graduation and are a key indicator of the progress each student has made. Because this is such a critical time of the school year, we have a few opportunities available for students to get extra help, work to improve grades, and ensure they earn credits in each of their classes. One type of help available is After School Buses. The late buses enable students to stay after school to receive extra assistance. Buses will be available Monday-Thursday December 2 - December 19. Teachers from each team will be available after school to help students prepare for exams and get caught up with missing assignments. After school sessions will dismiss at 5, the buses will depart our parking lot around 5:10.

As you are aware, final exams are an important factor at the end of each semester. Our students are familiar with final exams from their 7th and 8th grade experience, but these tests take on increased importance as students earn credits at the high school level. In each class your student will be receiving a study guide that will outline the most important information, please encourage and work with your students to study and prepare for final exams. Final exams will occur Tuesday, December 17 - Friday, December 20 this year.

As we enter flu season it is a great time to revisit attendance. Attendance is one of the most important factors in student success. We have great teachers here at Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center and we want your student to be here for their instruction. We know that illness does happen, should your child need to miss school due to an illness or for any other reason, please call the attendance line to notify us, 317-988-7600. The final step is submitting documentation for the absence when your student returns to fully excuse the absence. Tardiness, especially in the morning, is another factor that has a large impact your child's academic success. Please make sure your child is here on time. When your child does have to be late in the morning, please notify the main office.

We have a great group of freshmen in the class of 2023 and look forward to celebrating their success at the conclusion of semester one!!

Steve Samuel, Principal Ninth Grade Center

Upcoming Events:

Nov. 4 - School Board Meeting, 6:30pm

Nov. 5 - No School, Professional Development day for Staff

Nov. 19 - No Student Attendance

Nov. 19 - Giant Marketplace, 4-6pm

Nov. 27-29 - Thanksgiving Break

Each week there are multiple athletic events at home and away. To see this schedule check the HS Athletics webpage:

Finals Schedule - 1st Semester, 2019

Tuesday, December 17 - Even Classes (periods 2, 4, 6, 8)

Wednesday, December 18 - Odd Classes (periods 1 ,3, 5 , 7)

Thursday, December 19 - Even Classes (periods 2, 4, 6, 8)

Friday, December 20 - Odd Classes (periods 1 ,3, 5 , 7)

Late Buses

Late buses will be provided for our students beginning Monday, December 2. Buses will depart our lot around 5:10. The buses will be available Monday - Thursday from 12/2 until 12/19. Late buses enable students to stay after school for study tables with their academy teachers. This is an excellent opportunity to complete unfinished assignments, get extra help with difficult material and prepare for final exams.

First Quarter Grades

The following students have distinguished themselves with their academic excellence!

Straight A's

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High Honor Roll GPA 3.75-3.99

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Honor Roll GPA 3.00-3.74

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Study Table Schedule

Study Tables are held from 3:30-4:15 by each team according to the following schedule. Please talk with your IMPACT period teacher if you have questions about study tables.

Adrenaline: by appointment

Imagination: Tuesday

Innovation: by appointment

Key: Tuesday/Thursday

University: Thursday

VCA: Wednesday

WNGC: by appointment

Students of the Month - October

Each month the teams of the Ninth Grade Center honor and recognize students who are making good decisions and meeting expectations. Selected students receive a certificate. The following students were selected for the month of October:

Adrenaline: Natalie Correa, Maya Giadoo, Malakiah Hughley, Kimberlin Morales

Imagination: Tavon Bosman, Mithaya Kheat

Innovation: Daniel Camacho, Haidyn Clevenger, Zion Momodu

Key: Roshante' Bascombe, Grace Holler, Lylliam Oliver, Braylen Smith

University: Sarabi Carranaz, Lillie Day, Ethan Leher, Jesus Melendez-Rios

VCA: Alyiah Abdulwahab, Destiny Adenekan, David Adesanya, Kevin Garcia-Flores

WNGC: Jatziry Andrade, Kiara Johnson

Giant Marketplace

The NGC is proud to partner with Gleaners to provide a monthly food pantry distribution for our school community.

Our next distribution is November 19th from 4-6 pm. Please enter door 7, the distribution is in the cafeteria.

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