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Richland Elementary

Rockets are Awesome!!!!

WOW! What a week we just had. It was an entire school effort to ensure that everything was ready for our students to be successful during their STAAR testing week. I want to say a HUGE thank you to our entire staff for making it possible. I want to give an EXTRA SPECIAL shout out to my right hand, Willette. She worked soooooooo hard and made testing run as smoothly as possible. We are all very blessed to have her as part of our family!!!

As we get ready to end our school year you will find some reminders inside this newsletter. Let's finish strong.....we are almost there!!!

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VERY IMPORTANT........................................EOY reminders

  • Behavior expectations must remain consistent. Do not give students "free time" just because it is the end of the school year. This lends itself to discipline issues.
  • Dress code must be enforced each and every day and throughout the school day. Let's not get relaxed with this. Again, students need consistency throughout the entire year.
  • Remind parents and guests that we only have two assigned drop-off/pick-up areas: blue and gold side. The front of the building does not serve any of these purposes.
  • We must continue enforcing attendance and timeliness with our students. Continue to be proactive in communicating with parents this expectation.
  • ALL end of year activities MUST be approved by administration. Don't assume that because it has "always been done this way" that it does not need approval.
  • We must continue with solid instructional plans for our students until the end. Don't "relax" your instruction because students will "relax" their behavior.
  • Make sure that are finished with your campus needs assessment work in your sub-committees. We will work hard these last weeks to have a clear focus for next year's CIP.
  • As far as next year's plans go, unless you receive information directly from administration it is not taking place (i.e. added sections, teacher changes, etc.) We will not use messengers, you will hear directly from one of us (Willette or myself) the plans for next year.
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