Lomas Nation Team Recognition

November 2015

1/2 Way to Nation

Jessica Cherry

Allison Winkler

Kimberly Woodruff

1/2 Way to Region

Jessica Brown

Holly Wyke

Susie Weiler

Blair Proffit

Area Manager in Qualification

Danielle Garnes

Meagan Canipe

Emily Taylor

Marsha Hill

New District Managers

Stephanie Penick promoted by Rachel Weiler

Keitra Manigault promoted by Jessica Cherry

Brittany Moss promoted by Carol Ann Gibson

Kiah Leech promoted by Taryn Leech

Mindy Cody promoted by Brian Lomas

Hanna Edwards promoted by Mindy Cody

Jessica Shurley promoted by Kimberly Mengel

Heather Miller promoted by Marsha Hill

District Managers in Qualification

Abbey Campbell

Alana Fennell

Amberlee Shuping

Amy Readling

Amy Ventry-Smith

Annie Wickham

April Beam

Ashleigh Yeo

Ashley Richards

Ashley Smith

Bobbie Lewis

Brieanna Stonebraker

Britney Miller

Camille Bender

Candy Lipford

Carrie Williams

Cathy Smith

Deborah Patton

Deidra Young

Denise Summers

Elizabeth Kerley

Halee Hartley

Holly Lamberts

Ivette Edinkrah

Jackie Anderson

Jennifer Mathieson

Jennifer Mullee

Jennifer Paruscio

Jill Henderson

Jillian Brawley

Jillian Schaible

Jordan Mcgee

Katie McNeill

Katie Suter

Kayla Grice

Kayla Hartley

Kelly Beckner

Kelly Kennedy

Kelsey brooks

Kirsty Spencer

Krista Grzandziel

Kristee Lively

Kristen Bowles

Kristen Locke

Latara Eisenhauer

Laura Killette

Leah Safrit

Lee Ellen Parcell

Leslie Chapman

Lianne Ryalls

Lori Lynn Frost

Meredith Hubbard

Morgan Short

Nancy Hill

Rebecca Leech

Sandi Howard

Sara Staton

Sarah Hutchins

Shalom Peay

Sheri Simpson

Stephanie Claiborne

Sydney Watkins

Tayler Shull

Tiffany Walter

Traci Cox

Whitney Winkler

Wisdom Burris

Top Districts in Beth Lomas' Region

Beth Lomas $5,681

Julie Ueleke $5,248

Susie Weiler $5,156

Amber Mahanes $5,001

Julie Quill $3,679

Top Districts in Brian Lomas' Region

Brian Lomas $12,364

Samantha Leimkuhler $6,036

Kimberly Mengel $5,177

Top Districts in Rachel Weiler's Region

Rachel Weiler $​22,120

Emily English $​​10,388

Danielle Garnes $9,513 ​

Stephanie Penick $6,537 ​​​

Danielle Meadows $​​​5,005

Top Districts in Jessica Cherry's Region

Jessica Cherry $12,390

Jessica Brown $7,724

Meagan Canipe $7,174

Carol Ann Gibson $6,094

Erin Natale $5,553

Cammie Reece $5,468

Top Districts in Allison Winkler's Region

Christy Poole $8,293

Blair Proffit $7,774

Allison Winkler $5,000

Ginger Holdren $3,268

Top Districts in Kimberly Woodruff's Region

Kimberly Woodruff $11,114

Emily Taylor $10,015

Noel Loughran $3,080

Brooke Smith $2,850

Top Districts in Lauren Bryant's Region

Lauren Bryant $12,642

Marsha Hill $10,548

Sharon Lester $6,632

Stephanie Pinner $5,592

Brittany Oberlin $5,347

Top Districts in Nicole Alexander's Region

Nicole Alexander $3,353

Austin Bruner $2,029

Top Districts in Janet Bugden's Region

Janet Bugden $9,833

Lisa Mallyon $7,639

Natasha Arora $5,440

Denise Amir $4,183

Taryn Leech $3,892

Top Sponsoring in the Lomas Nation

Janet Bugden 14

Keitra Manigault 11

Kiah Leech 9

Lauren Bryant 9

Brittany Oberlin 9

Natasha Arora 9

Danielle Garnes 9

Amber Mahanes 9

Maxine Patroni 8

Hanna Edwards 7

Region Vice President & Trifecta Earner!

Lauren Bryant

Area Manager Bonus Earners

Rachel Weiler

Jessica Brown

Janet Bugden

Brian Lomas

Kimberly Woodruff

Lauren Bryant

District Manager Bonus

Allison Winkler

Amber Mahanes

Beth Lomas

Blair Proffit

Brian Lomas

Brittany Oberlin

Cammie Reece

Carol Ann Gibson

Christy Poole

Danielle Garnes

Danielle Meadows

Emily English

Emily Taylor

Erin Natale

Janet Bugden

Jessica Brown

Jessica Cherry

Julie Quill

Julie Ueleke

Karen Yeatts

Kimberly Mengel

Kimberly Woodruff

Lauren Bryant

Lisa Bryant

Lisa Mallyon

Marsha Hill

Maxine Patroni

Meagan Canipe

Natasha Arora

Rachel Weiler

Samantha Leimkuhler

Sharon Lester

Stephanie Pinner

Susie Weiler

Meant to Be Up to Me Award

Ashley Smith

Keitra Manigault

Kiah Leech

Rachel Weiler

Hanna Edwards

Elizabeth Kerley

Tayler Shull

Heather Miller

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