Athens, Greece

The World's Greatest Tourist Hotspot in the 21st Century!

Athens ,Greece, a city of rich culture that never fails to appease even the most dullest people.This is a city that you must see and, it's guaranteed to leave you in aww... For this is the best place you could ever be in!

♨Athen's Delicious Dishes♨

Prepare to deliver your taste buds to heaven, for Athens by far has the most scrumptious delicacies made just for you to pamper and soothe your hunger. If you are a person who worries loathes getting fat, than this is the place for folks like you because the majority of the meals here are based off of the heroic fruits and vegetables that even veggie haters will like! If you still don't like the veggies and prefer normal American food then do not fear because a bunch of restaurants also serve food such as fries, burgers, soups, and chicken. While your at it be sure to sample some popular foods like Tiropita, (phyllo cheese triangles with a deep fried outer coating) or try the skewered kabobs ( meats and vegetables on a piece of wood/metal with a 1-2.2 cm. circumference). And all these fabulous meals come from the hard working fishermen, hunters, import-helpers and are delivered to a kitchen where it can be freshly made for your enjoyment! So make sure you stop by the local food places ASAP to try the culinary treats that will meet your satisfaction!

☯Ancient History and Modern Culture☯

Athens got a lot of popularity form its legends and its rich culture. Now it's time for us to take a brief tour of what this city has to offer. In ancient Athens almost every citizen was polytheistic or, worshiped more than one god; in fact the Ancient Greeks had over 25 different gods and goddesses combined! As a matter of fact in ancient legends the people of present day Athens had to choose their main god to worship and who would be the protector of the city. Athena the goddess of war, wisdom, and strategy was competing against Poseidon god of the sea and storms. Poseidon gave the Athenians a white marble salt marble fountain while Athena gave them an olive tree. The people of Athens considered the olive tree to provide more needs and is renewable unlike the fountain that only provides decorative purposes and contains salt water that is undrinkable and, due to this Athena was declared the winner and this was also how Athens was named; it was named by Athena⁂!Although most citizens of present day Athens don't share the same beliefs as their ancestral heritage, they both still have somethings in common such as proper hand waving; it is considered an insult to show your palm with fingers extended, therefore when some Greeks wave they have their palm closed into a fist then wave! And you'll see the majority of people there have a western style of clothing which is basically casual shorts and shirts. So, if you feel bored and want to learn more visit multiple places in Athens, Greece and you shall find your answers about the past and present .

❀The Local Lingo❀

Greek is also a language that is one of the oldest spoken languages spoken today, and this civilization started around 700 B.C.; so that means this language has been spoken for about 2713 years! This cool language is the most commonly spoken in Greece but, I'm pretty sure you can put 2 and 2 together and figure that out by now and when you visit this place I dare you to learn this language before your departure to leave. Even though Greek is the most common spoken language in Greece that doesn't mean people like us have to fret due to the fact that most Greeks in Greece also understand a bit of the English tongue. Also, the Greek alphabet isn't to different from the English. The only difference is that it has 24 characters and sentence structure is different. So to satisfy your curiosity here are examples of the language...Δ is the triple sided letter DELTA, Θ is the round letter THETA. and Ω is the horseshoe collector OMEGA. And the quirky sentence structure differs to what we would normally put for example the sentence "The big red ball fell down the stairs" would be in Greek "The red ball that is big fell down the stairs". The two simple sentences have slight differences at the beginning of the sentence but then start to be the same towards the end. So, in conclusion the interesting language of the Athenians is part of what makes Athens all the more exciting.

〠Snazzy Builds and Ancient Realms in the Present〠

The buildings and incredible architecture here will leave you dazzled and will make you come back here wether it's by yourself or with a friend or two. In Athens Greece there is peculiar and magnificent landmarks and ancient boundaries that are visible and may still stand today. In fact there are so many that only a few shall be presented to you currently, think of it as a sneak peak. The famous 2011 olympics was held in Athens, Greece which happens to be the place that the first olympic games originated in! In Athens an ancient statue depicts their god Zeus (king of the gods and the sky) that stands, well sits, the statue has a 20ft.+ statue of Zeus in a temple an is considered one of the many architectural wonders of the ancient world. But the most fascinating site is the Acropolis, or sacred rocks which appears to be an ancient village caked in dirt and in ruins. Here in Athens you could easily spend your entire trip unraveling secrets of the past and gazing upon the most wondrous creations of Greece.
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☀How's the Weather?☀

The outstanding weather in Athens, Greece is so pleasant that even the most "indoor-people" will be drawn to the outdoors and the graceful atmosphere! Imagine a serene landscape that's o tantalizingly close right in front of you. picture a grassy plain spotted with pretty yellow mountain flowers about 14.8in. tall with huge rocks mountains lumbering in the distance with a nice breeze going at a speed about 6-8 mph, gently blowing past you. If you visit the rural areas in Athens, Greece this is what awaits those who come and spend time with nature. The sky is favored by many because it is either cloudy so that it isn't to hot to stroll around or, it is cloudless with a fury sun that encourages swimming and picnics. The average temperature is 80°F/27°C a fond temperature that is cool enough to feel comfortable outside but, warm enough to go take a dip in a nearby body of water. As you can tell from this paragraph Athens, Greece is by far the best place in the world to chillax outside no matter how old you are!

☣Activities to have FUN!!!☣

I have saved the best for last, these are the some of the endless possibilities of what to do when you trek in Athens, Greece. You can go take a swim in the crystal clear seas of the many shores of Athens or go exploring while diving. While you're at it be sure to take a look at the many plays that are shown weekly at local theaters just like ancient times. You don't have to do a bunch of active activities if you don't like moving around much for simply sitting on the grass and smelling the flowers is a great way to relax and become more peaceful. So when in doubt about what to do today at Athens just remember from this paper of the many adventurous things to do!

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