Why Trump is not an ideal president

a few reasons as to why

Trump has a different view of the world

Is there anyone with the same view as trump? Mabie, mabie not. Who knows? But as far as I can tell, his view of this world is a greedy one: he wants America to divide humans: us and them, them and us. We should be united!

Just why you don't/should not vote trump

Why separate ourselves from the rest of the world? All anyone wants in life is someone you can trust. Trump wants Americans to be greedy! Also, he wants illegal immigrants to be kicked out. More than 90% of illegal immigrants just want to become citizens! Dont ban them, take them in! They will help! Plus, more people=more money for your job. It comes down to what Donald Trump does not get: America is great because America is good.

sexisim to the max

Donald Trump's expectations for women are not just low, they are too low. Girls can do way better than cooking and having (and caring for) children. Not to mention his very inappropriate handling of girls, which totally passes the line of civilized.


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