Mrs. Wilson's Language Class

January 11-15

6th Grade

This week we started our next writing unit, which is Argumentative. This unit is going to be having the students writing as Literary Essayists. They have each chosen a short story that we have previously read in class and they will be studying the characters and theme of that story. This will be the focus of their paper.

On Monday we practiced with the structure or outline that is used when writing an argumentative paper. We used the story, "The Three Pigs" to write a quick flash draft to get used to the structure.

On Tuesday, the students went back into their short stories and looked at small details that the author put into their writing. We then talked about possible reasons as to why the author put those details into the story. We could only speculate but the students really got to think deeply about their short story.

On Wednesday, students looked at the details they highlighted from the story and put together what motivated the characters in their story to act the way they did. This, again, had the students looking closely at their short story.

On Thursday, the students put together a claim about their character that they could use for their literary argument. Once they had their claim, they started to work on their thesis statement.

On Friday, students finished up getting their thesis statement together with supporting reasons and examples to support their claim.

HOMEWORK This Weekend- Students should have their three body paragraphs of their rough draft completed by Monday.

7th Grade

This week we started our Informative Writing Unit. This writing unit puts an emphasis on literature.Last week students picked out books, got into book groups, and set a reading schedule. They should have their book finished by January 29.

On Monday, as the students were getting into their books, I tried to get them to think a little differently about their reading. They really struggled with this. I think they are so used to annotating that most of the students fell into that comfortable strategy when I was trying to get them to think outside of the box a little bit. I will continue to work on this with them.

On Tuesday, the students were to identify details in their book that they found interesting to them. This is all a way of having them collect information on their book that they will use for their paper.

On Wednesday, the students didn't have class because of the Courage Retreat.

On Thursday, the students took the writings and annotations about what they have been reading and expanded their thinking by asking themselves a few questions to push their thinking further.

On Friday, students started to look at how the story elements of their book interact with each other. This means different things in different books. We looked at cause and effect of character's choices and we compared and contrasted different elements of the book as well. This was to get the students thinking deeper about the plot of their story. Again, this is all preparation for their next writing piece.

Dates to Remember

January 15- All late work in

January 18- End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester

January 22- No School- PD Day

February 3- Kona Ice

February 26- Read to Succeed Slips due (6th Grade)