Epic Car Pics

asking price: $.50 each

These Car Pics are Just What Your room Needs

We have a very large selection of car pictures that would look great hanging up in your room or just in a scrapbook! Either way they would make the perfect birthday gift to a friend or just to have so when you are doing your homework and you feel like just rushing through and getting all the answers wrong so you can go outside you can buy one of our awesome car pictures so that you can think if you get your grades up and study hard you could become a plastic surgeon in new york and be able to buy a car like the one in your picture.
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some of our awesome products:

look at those cars.

remember kids if you study hard and keep your grades up then maybe you'll be able to buy one of these

*just a picture not an actual car

email me if you have questions at 2020austin.griffin@usd460.org

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