Changes In Nepal Over Time

How the Economy, Government, and Society Is Different Today

List Of Cultural Traits

The indigenous people of Nepal stay true to their original culture.

Here are some of the things that Nepali people celebrate and appreciate.

-The Dishka dance, a dance performed with detailed footwork and arm movements.

-123 languages are spoken in Nepal

-Nepali is the official language

-Hinduism and Buddhism are the two main religions

-Dashain festival in October

-Main sports are football, cricket, and basketball.

Economics and Politics Making Changes

Although the people of Nepal are focused on maintaining their well known culture, today's economy and political system are making the country modern. 35% of Nepal's industry is focused on agriculture, which will most likely not change. On the other hand, more recently Nepal's tech industry is thriving, even though the country is farther behind in technology than some of the rest of the world.

The government of nepal is a federal republic. This has been the case ever since 2008, when the country changed systems from constitutional monarchy to a federal republic. This is because of modern influences showing how a republic system can work well


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