Great Beginnings Gazette

Newsletter of the Great Beginnings' Sunbeams - February 2020

February at GBP

Hi all!! Happy February! We are so excited to kick off this month of caring and sharing! Our Sunbeams are gathering for our Great Book Pick (GBP) Award Pep Rallies during this first week in February. We can’t wait to see their award art work and share our books on Facebook live in the next couple weeks! More information on the GBP Award below.

This month, we’ll be discussing the color pink, the heart shape, presidents and patriotism, Dental Health, Valentines Day/caring and sharing. At the end of January, we made our Groundhog Day Predictions and talked about shadows. Were you surprised that Phil didn't see his shadow? Do you think his prediction is accurate and we'll have an early spring?

Valentine's Day at GBP is February 12, 13 and 14th depending on which class your child attends. Details on individual class celebrations vary and are sent home by teachers or party planners. Please remember NO CANDY and all snacks must be checked in the office before entering the classroom.

Its Dental Health month! The Dentist is coming to visit GBP at the end of the month. We’re looking forward to learning more about healthy teeth and gums!

Great Book Pick (GBP) Award

I ❤️ BOOKS: the smell of books, the memories I have reading with my sons, the emotions a good book can evoke! The idea behind the GBP Award is that of a mock Caldecott award where our Sunbeams vote for their favorite of 4 books read live on Facebook. Our Sunbeams will vote (via Facebook Poll) on Tuesday, February 25th. We'll celebrate the winner during February Special Chapel (February 26/27). Live readings will take place on February 17th, 19th, 21st and 24th (times to be determined). Our students will be working on their award artwork in class during the week of February 10th.

What to work on: pencil grip and hand strength

We are working hard on pencil grip and hand strength in this second half of the school year. Playing with play dough, taking stickers off the sheet and placing them on a piece on paper, cutting play dough with play dough (not sharp) scissors. Coloring with your children (and playing play dough) is a great way to spark a good conversation. While you're coloring together, be aware of how your child holds his/her crayon/pencil/marker and offer guidance on how to “pinch” the pencil with the thumb and index finger. This is a process like any other (sitting up, crawling, walking, talking) learned over time with patience and practice! Reinforcement of school lessons at home is so very beneficial and a wonderful bonding experience! I have lots of resources on this topic if you’d like to learn more!

Wear Pink to celebrate our color of the month

Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 9:15am

107 West Market Street

Leesburg, VA

February's color of month is Pink! Join us in celebrating this festive color on Tuesday, February 11th!

Spirit Wear Day

Monday, Feb. 24th, 9:15am

107 West Market Street

Leesburg, VA

Sport your GBP Spirit Wear or orange and blue!

February Special Chapel (MW Monkeys, MWF Bears and Bees)

Wednesday, Feb. 26th, 9:15am

107 West Market Street

Leesburg, VA

MW Monkeys, MWF Bears and Bees will celebrate February birthdays, share our songs and bible verse. We will also have our Great Book Pick Award Ceremony!

February Special Chapel (T/TH Monkeys, T/TH Bears and Owls)

Thursday, Feb. 27th, 9:15am

107 West Market Street

Leesburg, VA

T/TH Monkeys, T/TH Bears and Owls will celebrate February birthdays, share our songs and bible verse. We will also have our Great Book Pick Award Ceremony!