Fly Away Home

By Jennifer Weiner

Brief Intro

Sylvie and Richard met in while they were at Yale Law School. They got married after graduation and both practiced law. Richard was later promoted to partner and then served as senator. Sylvie only practiced law for two years until she decided to dedicate herself to serving her husband. They had two daughters that could not be any more different. Diana, the oldest, is an ER Physician and Lizzie is a recovering drug addict.

Motherhood in Fly Away Home

Both Sylvie and Diana struggle to maintain a happy marriage but always try their best to cater comfort to their children. The mothers in the novel are portrayed as women whom current mothers can potentially relate to. Their roles exemplify that balancing work, marriage, and motherhood is complex. It seems as if women/mothers always place other people's happiness a priority and forget about caring for themselves and their own happiness. Sylvie gives up her entire identity prior to being the "senator's wife" and Diana sacrifices her happiness for Milo, her son. In the end they both work to create a balance in their lives that would help them live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Sylvie, the author described would be the mother she hadn't been when the girls were young, she would do what she could to be there for Milo and Lizzie's baby when it came..she would take care of herself, not just Richard..and maybe he could learn to take care of her." Diana cut her shifts to 2 a week at the ER and helped run an organization for mothers who'd been born with their babies addicted to drugs.
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Lizzie was always the odd child. She was beautiful but lacked a sense of direction. She fell into a drug addiction and spent her time away in rehab. The summer when she was released and was babysitting Milo while Diana was working, she ran into Jeff. They became sexually involved and Lizzie to her surprise became pregnant. She was scared that she was not going to have a healthy baby given her history but was assured by her doctor that if she took the right steps throughout her pregnancy she would have a healthy baby. At first Lizzie is uneasy about the entire situation but later is able to see motherhood as a positive experience in her life. She describes how being a mother was going to keep her on track and ambitious.