Christin Light

Music Education

About Me!

I am from the tiny town of Bucyrus, OH. It contains about 10 pizza places that come and go on a weekly basis, a coffee shop, and of course, a Walmart. Where I live is a little different. Everywhere you look you see fields of corn and beans. The definition of country. Its a place where Wynford, my school, and Bucyrus City Schools are literally one corn field apart. On Friday nights you can see the stadium lights and hear both football games at the same time. Surprisingly my personality doesn't fit that town at all. I dream of living in New York, seeing the lights at night, and the life of the city during the day. I am a very driven, happy, and passionate person that prefers wearing stilettos over cowboy boots.

Family and Friends

I am very close to many people in my life. My family means the world to me. My Mother is a school counselor and has also been a teacher. My Father is the supply chain manager for the company Timken. My parents and I have a close relationship because it has just been the 3 of us in the house for the last 10 years. I do have two brothers but they are much older than me. They love to act as if they are my parents instead of siblings! Aaron, age 30, is a radio producer for Bob Bourney out of Columbus. Brian, age 28, is the director of golf at a local country club. My friends are also very important to me. I have a wide range of friends from sports friends, musical friends, fun friends, and even serious friends. I love to engage with a lot of different types of people. My family and friends have all had a huge impact on me and I love them for that.


I have a very wide range of interests. The main one obviously being music. Although I love to listen and study Classical music I have many other favorite genres. I love bluegrass type of country. The real stuff with the banjos and acoustic guitars! I am also obsessed with Musical Theatre scores. Other than music I enjoy reading, theatre, movies, and TV.
10,000 Words (Acoustic)

My Experiences

I have been in choirs, musical theatre, show choir, recitals, and competitions. I love staying busy and being involved in many things.
PS22 Chorus 2011 "IMAGINE" John Lennon