Bertram Family Connection

April 19th, 2021

Looking Ahead

  • April 12th-23rd: PreK and Kinder Registration Opens in Skyward
  • April 17th-May 7th: All About My Child: Parent Input Form for 21-22 Available (see below)
  • April 19th: Early Voting Begins
  • April 27th-May 7th: Field Day during PE Rotations
  • Saturday, May 1st: Election Day for Bond 2021
  • May 3rd-7th: Teacher Appreciation Week! Let's show our teachers some love!
  • Friday, May 7th: School Lunch Hero Day!

Early Voting Begins April 19th

The BCISD school board has called for a Bond Election on May 1st, 2021 to address projected growth, take advantage of the current financial environment, and protect the District's Operating Budget.

Please check out the district Bond Webpage for full details on projects supported by the Bond including a new classroom building at Bertram Elementary, enclosed hallways at Bertram, updated technology, and school safety features at all campuses. There will be four propositions on the ballot, voters can vote for or against any combination of projects. Voters can also abstain from voting for or against any proposition.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bond, please reach out to me at or 512-355-2111. I am happy to help!

Universal Screening for Dyslexia

This month all kindergarten students are being screened for dyslexia as required by state law. The purpose of the screening is to identify children who may be at risk for a reading disability, specifically dyslexia, so that appropriate research-supported accelerated instruction and interventions can be implemented.
PreK & Kinder Registration Happening Now!

Registration of students attending PreK or Kindergarten next year starts Monday, April 12th! Click here to access all the resources you need to get started!

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2021-2022 School Calendar

The BCISD 2021-2022 school calendar can be accessed here. Be sure to mark your calendars!

Change of Transportation Reminder

Please email changes to your child's transportation mode to by 1:30pm the day of the change. This will ensure that your child receives a transportation change note in their classroom from the office. For student safety, dismissal is coordinated by the office.

Unfortunately, voicemails with the office or the teacher may not be received in time to ensure that your child is dismissed correctly. We appreciate your help!

Moving Between Remote and In-Person Learning

If your family is interested in changing your student from in-person learning to remote learning, please call the office. We are glad to help. Students engaging in remote learning are expected to maintain attendance standards and passing grades.

If you are learning remotely and would like your child to move back to in-person learning, please call the office one week before you would like your child to return to school. This allows teachers time to adjust furniture and set up dividers if needed.

Skyward Family Access

Click here to log into Skyward Family Access to view your student's grades, attendance, progress reports, and report cards.

Daily In-Person Checklist

  1. Complete AT HOME self screening before getting on the bus or coming to school.
  2. Face coverings for all bus riders, and students in grades 1st-5th. Face coverings are strongly encouraged for PreK and Kinder. Remember wearing a face mask reduces your child's chance of having to quarantine for close contact.
  3. Bring your backpack including water bottle, snack, and lunchbox (if bringing lunch).
Remote Teaching Schedule

Remote teaching schedule by grade

General Reminders

  1. Visits to the school are by appointment. We will attempt to address situations by phone or Google Meet. In-person appointments can be scheduled if the situation requires. When visiting campus, please be prepared to show a valid photo ID.

  2. If you do visit the school, face coverings are required for all adults at all times. This includes the office foyer area.

  3. Due to COVID-19, we will not have any on campus volunteers at this time.

  4. We are not accepting deliveries including forgotten lunches (hot meal will be provided by the cafeteria), birthday treats, and food orders.

  5. If you need to make an occasional change to your child's transportation home, please use the Bertram Transportation Change email: . Transportation changes must be emailed in no later than 1:30pm. Teachers will not be able to accept transportation changes.

  6. Be familiar with the Arrival & Dismissal Map.

School Cafe Webpage

Complete an application for FREE or REDUCED priced lunch here. You can also add money to your child's lunch account by logging here.

2020-2021 BCISD School Calendar

Days marked in blue are Staff & Student Holiday OR Make-Up Day for Staff & Students. Students should be available to attend school. This applies to both in-person and remote learners.

Bertram Elementary School

  • 7:15am Student Drop Off/ Breakfast
  • 7:30am Office Opens by Appointment Only - Please call ahead
  • 7:40am School Begins
  • 7:45am Students arriving after this time are marked tardy
  • 9:00am Students not in attendance are marked absent
  • 1:30pm Any transportation changes DUE, please email:
  • 2:30pm All Early Checkouts must be complete - Remember to bring your picture ID to complete early check out
  • 3:25pm Student Dismissal
  • 3:45pm Office/School Closes