You've almost made it through the first week of classes!

Proud Mom Award goes to....ME!

You guys did great in class yesterday! Thank you for being engaged and for voicing your opinions. Each week I'll be emailing you on updates and sending little encouragements :) If any of you are feeling overwhelmed by classes, or struggling on how to handle time management, take a deep breath, and rest in the fact that you have a long weekend coming!

Ove Read Aloud

Some of you seemed to like listening to Ove in class, if you would be interested in getting together to listen to the next part text me and tell me what day next week (before class on Wednesday) and a time that would work best for you. I'll try and pick the best time and day for everyone from there :)


Football Game Saturday

Skyler, Fred, Vince, and Andrew are representing our class Saturday, lets go out and support them! The game starts at 2:00, but as a section we can do more than just show up and support them! Sooo at 1:00 we can meet right outside of the Barn and make posters for our athletes! Then we can all drive together to the game right after we are done making posters. I can take four other people in my car. If you are planning on coming text, and also let me know if you have a car on campus and would be willing to drive if necessary.

Milk and Honey!

Sunday, Sep. 6th 2015 at 8pm


I know this first week can feel pretty overwhelming and what could help with stress better than ICE CREAM! We'll meet outside of the Barn at 8 pm and then we can drive to Milk and Honey. Again I can take 4, and those of you who want to come and would be willing to drive text me. Remember to bring your Milk and Honey gift certificate (yay free!)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Contact me anytime!

After you finish reading the email text me your response to this 'Would You Rather' question:

Would you rather never shower again, OR never brush your teeth again???