Reversim Summit CFP workshop

New to proposal submission? Come learn our best practices!

CFP period ends on May 31st

Did you plan to submit a proposal, but wasn't sure if it's worth the trouble?

Did you start to write down your proposal, but making it sound attractive was too hard?

Do you have an idea you'd like to talk about at Reversim Summit 2018?

Would you like to get advice from us on how to submit a good proposal?

In this event we'll cover best practices to get from an idea all the way to writing a proposal and bio you'll be proud to boast to your friends about. You'll be able to meet some of the content moderators, ask questions and work with experienced speakers on your proposal.

We want to have good content in Reversim, you have good content in your head. We'll help you get that content on stage.

Reversim Summit CFP workshop

Tuesday, May 22nd, 6pm

Bitan 26, Namal Tel Aviv. Yosef Yakutieli 4, Tel Aviv

No need to RSVP! We'll be there, just come :)

הוראת הגעה: ביתן 26 נמצא מול מועדון הקריוקי
me on the mike


18:00 - gathering and admiring the beautiful space

18:30 - How to write a good proposal / Amit Zur

19:00 - Randomly get help from team members and work on your proposal.

21:00 - wrapping up

About Reversim Summit 2018

Reversim summit is our intention to create a conference for developers by developers. Like in the podcast, we bring you the content we are interested in, and we hope you will be too.