Ida Tarbell

Influence of the Oil Industry and Big Bussiness

Childhood and Early Life

Ida Tarbell graduated from Allegheny College to become an American teacher, journalist, and later an author. Her father owned a small oil company that was forced to go out of business, due to big business, political bosses, and corruption.

One of the Leading Muckrakers in American History

Ida Tarbell was an American journalist who revealed the truth in corruption of big business. This effected all Americans economically. She eventually put all her articles in one book, known as "The History of the Standard Oil Company." She appointed John D. Rockefeller as a person who monopolized businesses in the oil trade.

A Muckraker in Progress

Occupation and Determination

The History of the Standard Oil Company

Ida Tarbell created and wrote a book describing the many problems and unfair competition between big businesses and breaking them apart into smaller business.

The 16th Ammendment

I chose to write about Ida Tarbell for my SMORE project mainly because, I thought it was a big deal that by creating this one book (with the help of many others), the president had to create a new amendment to break down big business and limit competition nationwide.