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Brand new Magazine called Reload

This new magazine is the latest magazine to go on the technology market it will tell you about the newest games coming for the Xbox One and PS4. This magazine will be a Monthly Mag. This will also show the latest songs to grace the market, you will also find that that there will be competitions were you could win your own copy of Fifa 15, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Farcry 4 and Need For Speed Rivals. There is also a possibility that you could win a Xbox One and PS4.

Iphone 6/Iphone 6 plus

The newest IPhone put in the market has taken the world by storm with 10 Million sales in the first weekend. This is the new record.

Videos of the newest games

As you can see there are videos to show you how to play the new games and also show you the graphics from the new consoles.


CoD Advanced Warfare MULTIPLAYER Gameplay - CoD 2014 Gameplay (Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare)


FAR CRY 4 FREE ROAM GAMEPLAY - PS4 FarCry 4 Gameplay 1080p HD


The newest Need For Speed title is called Need For Speed Rivals allows you to free run so you can run away from the cops and there is also missions were you can be the cops and try to catch the villians as well as being the villans and trying to out run the cops.
Need for Speed Rivals Gameplay (HD)


FIFA 15 - Liverpool Vs Chelsea: Next-Gen Gameplay 1080p (Gamescom) - Xbox One/PS4
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Brand New iwatch to hit stores "Early 2015"

The brand new iwatch will allow you to not only let you tell the time it will check your heart rate and it will be an extension to your iPhone. The Iwatch will come in two different sizes from 1.3 inches to 2.5 inches. Appel have announced they will be looking for about $400 or £255.76.