Koi Fish

Garrin Turzak



Did you know koi fish home land is Japan

Koi live in fresh water ponds both in door and outdoors. The

pond need a filter system to remove the fish waste and ammoinia they

live in a wide tempera tire range.

40 degrees is the minimum temperature.

60to75 degrees is the optimal temperature

for them to live in.

Without a doubt koi fish need a clean cool environment to have a happy home

Koi it's Time to eat

Koi eat carp and gold fish they will eat almost any thing that won't eat them. Also they eat plants,insects,snails, worms,algae,and so on.

Pet koi fish eat crumble,fry trout, and pond pellets.

To begin koi will almost any thing that won't they eat menu tips of food like fish and speelsh tips fo food

Koi fish are the princes of the pond

Thir colors give them their name. Each color has a Japanese name that describes the fish. When deciding the price of a koi fish experts look at their patteming, length, width, and body weight.

One important thing I almost forgot was koi fish are bultefl fish there length width and body weight.


Koi fish have so much to of euchre to the sea

When you see koi fish thoure the ponds there cools could make you fell happy.

Koi fish color is make it you neek

Koi eat speelsh food if there keep at home

All About the Author

Hi my name is Garrin Turzak

Hobbies parkcor, game, art


Ammoinia a colorless gas or liquid that has a strong smell and taste

Optimal best or most effective

Fascinating very interesting or appealing