Gary Paulsen

Gunnar Hoffer


This is about a boy whose plane crashes and he has nothing but a hatchet to live with.

Brian's Winter

This book is about how if Brian didn't get rescued and he had to fight through the winter.

The river

This book is about how a man comes to Brian's door and asks him if he wanted to do it again and Brian agrees only this time when his friend gets struck by lightning Brian has to build a raft and get him medical attention.

Gary Paulsen

Gary was born May 17 of 1939. He was an engineer, construction worker, ranch hand, and sailor and did two rounds of the 1,180 mile sled dog race the Iditarod were a inspiration for his stories. Many of these experiences have been inspirations to his books.

Hatchet Book Trailer

other books

Gary also rout Brian's Hunt, The car, and The Tent