Fearless 5th Grade Newsletter

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Social Studies

Scholars are learning how life changed in American at the turn of the century.



Homework Expectations

Each scholar is expected to complete homework on a nightly basis. Homework will be given through MobyMax, an online program that meets each scholar at their own level. The program has scholars work on skills that they might be missing while working at their individual pace.

Parents, please plan the time and place for homework assignments and provide necessary supervision. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure their scholar has access to an electronic device (computer, iPad, Kindle, smartphone) for their scholar to complete homework.

Scholars who do not complete homework will go to study hall each day that homework is incomplete.

Each scholar should work for the following duration for each subject:

Reading: at least 20 minutes

Math: at least 20

Fact Fluency: at least 10 minutes

Science: at least 10

Social Studies: at least 10 minutes

Ms. Leadingham (Grade Level Chair)

Mrs. Chu

Mrs. Humrighouse

Ms. Martin

Ms. Roden