By: Kimberly Succa

World Geography 11-10-14 2B

Belize has many tourist attractions and activities to do such as snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, etc. In Belize, there is guaranteed fun for everyone.
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Most of the population in Belize is Roman Catholic.


The most common career in Belize is tourism. Though some people move here to start their own business.
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Some Major Ethnic Groups


In Belize, people celebrate New Years (Jan 1), Christmas Day (Dec. 25), Easter, Labor Day, and Holy Saturday.


In Belize, the main language is English, but Belizean Creole (also known as Kriole) and Spanish are some other languages commonly spoken.

How to say hello in these languages:

Hello // Weh ahn ahn? // Hola, como estas? (hola)

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