The Procession Ave Journal

Daily Mesopotamian Life

A Day in the life of a future Scribe

School is a place where young male minds are developed into the mind of a successful scribe. Schools are attached to temples and taught by noble priests. These priests are very strict, they expect absolute perfection. If the students do not reach their expectations, they are severely punished.

A day in the life~

  1. A young male begins his day at school by writing on his clay tablet.
  2. He will then be judged on his neatness and precision and writing.
  3. The boy then eats his lunch and continues to work.

Merchant's Current Sales

ITree 5C

The ITree 5C is now on the market!

and right now is the perfect time to buy!

Creator: Merchant Ooku

Price: 5 minas of silver

Location to purchase: Merchant Ooku's cart next to the gate of Ishtar in Babylon

All of Mesopotamia is rushing to buy this fantastic new product! Get yours today! Although, Merchant Ooku is low on the social hierarchy scale he invented a product that will be here for years to come! Even though trade is big, the merchant market is growing bigger everyday!


- Fastest growing tree in Mesopotamia

- Available in a variety of colors. (Brown, Green, or assorted fall colors)

- Only 500 more available!

The Real Housewives of Mesopotamia!

You know 'em, you love 'em!

They cook! They sew! Their sassy and wonderfully dramatic!

The Real Housewives of Mesopotamia!

Women have almost no rights! The few things they can do are:

- Go to marketplaces

- Buy and sell

- Attend legal matters

- Own property with their wealthy, handsome husbands

- And own a successful, fabulous business

Your Daily Drama:

Mishtaka- Right now Mishtaka is in a controversial divorce with her husband over their beautiful children, Chariot and Wheel.

Hamukia- Hamukia is wife number eight of Mesopotamian heart-throb Hammurabi! He talks to the gods, he comes up with laws, and he has great hair!

Linaka- Linaka has just had her husband, Bob, die of old age. She is very sad and eating her way through it.

Shama- Shama is currently single and ready for the right man to whisk her off her feet! She does require a wealthy man though.

Wakanaka- Wakanaka just got new hair extensions and all of Mesopotamia is raving about them!

Although these women are absolutely out of their minds, they still are trustworthy wives.

For more daily info on Mesopotamia click here:

Wanted- Dead or Alive

A man by the name of Konamo Sin Namen has committed a serious crime-

He cut a hole into a man's house and deserves to be buried into that hole.

If you see this man bring him to Hammurabi for an award of 29 mina-

Until we find this man, keep your children close to you.

Slaves cost and Info

Looking for a slave to do your "dirty work?"

We've got reasonable prices on slaves once a week at Babylon Lane!

Our highest priced slaves this week are:

Lana- 20 minas of silver: She grows good crops and mends your home

Samimba- 25 minas of silver: Currently single and works two times faster than average slave

Food and Dining

Here in Mesopotamia we offer a great variety of food and luxurious dining.

We have daily shipments of:

- Exotic Wines

- Apples

- Pears

- Grapes

- Figs

- Plums

- Apricots

For low, low prices.

And we always keep our cow milk fresh and clean.

Although meat is expensive, some of our five star restaurants have juicy and delicious meats.

Some of our lower class restaurants serve delicious vegetable stews.

Disease, Epidemics, and What to Watch out for

Currently we just discovered a new disease amongst Assyrian people.

We suggest no one enters Assyria until this killing disease is dismissed.

Thank you for your corporation and stay healthy.

If you get this disease make sure you apologize to the Gods and go to a priest to get a prayer of health.

Music, Arts, What to see...

This week in Assyria we have The Scorpions performing their hit single:

" All You Need Is War "

We did a quick interview with The Scorpions to learn more info on their album.

Pon Mennon- "You will absolutely raise the hut roof when you hear all our new music!"

Laul Cartartney- "You will be so chill if you listen to our music while cutting off your opponents heads!"

Korge Marrison- "Conquering people has never had such serenity..."

Singo Bsar- "Be ready to rock when you hear our songs!"

We also have multiple harps and drums for sale on the corner of Assyria.

We have fine paintings painted with berries for sale in Babylon along with expensive fountains.


As you know we mesopotamians are amazing inventors!! Just in case you haven't been out on the market lately, here are some of our most popular inventions right now!

-Wheel/chariot (Great for entertainment)


-Writing, (Cuneiform)

-Seeder Plow (very helpful to our farmers)

-Time (so helpful for those sleep-in days!)

Wheel- This invention is so fun and entertaining! its got our younger generation hurrying when their favorite chariot rider wins! It is also great for transportation!

Sailboat- This invention helps our merchants and traders transport goods from place to place!

Writing- This invention is amazingly helpful for everyone! it helps us write our newspaper, it helps merchants take inventory, and it teaches our young minds!

Seeder Plow- This invention helps our farmers get crops for us even faster!

Time- Come on, who doesn't enjoy this amazing invention? It keeps us on track and on time!


We are looking for women and men to be buried with our latest queen when she dies. If you are interested in this honorable job please contact Mamku in Sumer.

Are you a farmer? Are you good at plowing? Then come to Humda for a farmer job! It pays 5 minas of sliver a month! Like a good neighbor, Bait Farm is there!

Do you like the new Itree 5C?? Come work for Ooku selling them! Contact Ooku at the Gate of Ishtar in Baybylon.