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Where the biome is Located

  • North America
  • Scandinavia
  • Russia
  • Siberia
  • Mongolia
  • Northern China
  • Northern Japan
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Average High Temperature 104 Degrees Fahrenheit

Average low Temperature -32 Degrees Fahrenheit

Average annual Rainfall 12-33 inches

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Amur (Siberian Tiger)

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Evergreen trees

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Environmental Issues

Nature causes include...

  • forest fires with lighting
  • diseased by parasites or herbicides
Other threats...

  • spruce trees that grow on top thick moss are frequently blown over by strong winds
  • Large-scale industrial forestry or logging
  • oil and gas exploration
  • road building, mining
  • human triggered forest fire
  • climate change. Animals of the taiga are being hunted and trapped for their fur which decreases their population greatly. People have set up state protected areas that prohibit all kinds of forestry operations, road constructions, mining activities and, land reclamation and other activities that could change the hydro logical regime.

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