Rosewood ROARS

Adventure awaits ....I's OUR time to ROAR Oct. 11, 2020

Our adventure begins...

Dear Rosewood Families,

This past week Progress Reports came home with students. Take a few minutes to talk with your child about their success and areas to grow. Remember that this is a snapshot of the first few weeks of school. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher. Conferences are also coming up on October 19 and that's a great time to work together with the teachers for a successful school year.

Tomorrow, is an A day and first early release day of the school year. We will dismiss at 11:00. Parents, if your child is going home differently than what they typically do, please send that transportation change in writing to the teacher. We cannot accept phone calls or emails.

Families, the Healthy Snacks District Policy is included in this newsletter, however, we are asking that at this time snacks for a classroom not be sent in. An update on the status of this will be included in this newsletter

We continue to be so thankful for our wonderful Rosewood families, your support truly makes a difference to our kids and school.

Have a fabulous week.


Your proud Principal,

Deborah Greenwood

Please stay safe and healthy, by social distancing, washing your hands frequently and staying home if possible. THANK YOU

October is Bullying Prevention Month

Mrs. Redden the School Counselor has been conducting bullying lessons with all the classes. When teaching our students about bullying we teach them what it is and also how to help stop it. Bullying is hurting someone’s body or feeling on purpose, it happens more than once, and the person doing the hurting has more power. More power could be older or bidder, more than one person or being afraid of them. If someone is mean on purpose but it only once in a while that is not bullying. Some grades talk about being an Bystander versus a Upstander.

  • A Bystander is someone who sits by and watches bullying or mean behavior happen. We don’t want our students be bystanders.
  • An Upstander is someone who takes action by standing up to people who are bullying or being mean to others. We expect our students to be Upstanders and show the Rosewood Way to help prevent bullying and mean behavior.

We will be celebrating Unity Day on October 21st and October 22nd. Unity Day is when we wear orange to show that we are together against bullying, and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. The best way to prevent bullying is to treat others the way we want to be treated and include and accept everyone at Rosewood and in our community.

IB Monthly Learner Profile Words

Rosewood is an International Baccalaureate IB) school and in our newsletters we will be sharing information regarding IB.

This week our focus is the Learner Profile Words. Each month we spotlight a specific word from the Learner Profile. Teachers and students talk about the word, read books about it and incorporate it throughout the year.

  • September- Principled
  • October- Open-Minded
  • November-Balanced
  • December- Inquirer
  • January - Thinker
  • February - Courageous
  • March- Communicator
  • April- Caring
  • May- Knowledgeable

Please take time and talk with your students about what our focus words for September and October mean. Talk about them as a family. Our Rosewood kids are amazing and always eager to share.

Storybook Character Days

Storybook Character day will take place for A day students on Thursday, October 29 and for B day students on Friday, October 30. Students can come dressed as their favorite storybook character.

Please no plastic masks, weapons or anything that is violent in nature. We want this to be a fun experience for all. Students will still wear their health and safety face covering.

Upcoming dates

October 12- A day Early Dismissal Day- dismiss at 11:00

October 13- Virtual PTA Meeting 6:00

October 13- We're Counting on You ( Virtual Title 1 Meeting) 8:30

October 19- Parent Teacher Conferences

October 21- Unity Day- Wear Orange

October 22- Unity Day - Wear Orange

October 29- Story book Character dress up day

October 30- Storybook Character dress up day

November 1-Daylight Savings Time ends

November 3-Election Day - No School

Media Center Update

Leading Lions, please check at home to see if you have books from the Media Center. We need them so that other students can read and enjoy them like you have.

Erin's Law

Safety precautions

Please do not send your child to school if they are sick. If anyone in your family is exhibiting symptoms of Covid -19 or may have been exposed please call school and talk with Nurse Tammi. Keeping our school healthy and safe it a true TEAM effort.

Please remember that students cannot wear open toed shoes, backless shoes or flip flops to school. Children are going out for recess and Physical Education. Those foot coverings are not safe for outdoor school activities. Thank you for your support.

Free and reduced lunch applications

Please fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch application below if your family needs that extra support. The application is for all families including those in the virtual program. Please note that the free lunch and breakfast program that the district is offering currently until the end of December may not be available in January.

We want to ensure that if that program is not a possibility in January that our families that need the support have it in place already.

Rock Hill School District Policy on Healthy Snacks

Based upon USDA Nutrition Standards and School Board Policy ADF - District Wellness, the following list of approved snacks are the only allowable snacks for classroom celebrations or parties. No homemade goods are permitted. Snacks must be individually wrapped or in purchased container/package with a food ingredient label.

Valentine’s Day parties are excluded from using the list.

The list was compiled by the district Health Advisory Committee using feedback from the School Improvement Councils (during the 2017-18 school year), parent survey responses from the spring of 2018 and feedback from the Coordinated School Health Advisory Committee.


Cheddar crackers or graham crackers

Sun chips or similar baked chips

Frozen fruit bars (Ex. Whole Fruit, Outshine, Dole or store brand equivalent)

Fresh fruit – Individual serving/wrapped or in purchased package container

Fresh vegetables – Individual serving/wrapped or in purchased package container

Low fat dips

Fruit cups (Ex. In water, light syrup, or 100% juice)


Apple sauce cups

Gelatin cups or pudding cups

Fruit and veggie pouches

Cheese sticks (Individually wrapped)

Pepperoni or turkey pepperoni (In purchased package container or individual sticks)

Water/Flavored Water

*This list does not address allergies. Please remember to always check specific allergies with your classroom teacher 48 hrs. prior to bringing food to the school. Accommodations will be made for students with allergies.

Car drop off and pick up

Please don' forget your car tag at dismissal. We do check IDs if someone does not have it to verify that the our kids are going home safely. If someone other than a parent picks up the student please remind them that we will check their ID for safety.

This year, for health and safety, staff are not opening car doors for students. When it is safe for everyone then we can resume this practice. THANK YOU for your understanding.

Change of transportation and dismissal

Please keep in mind that if you have to change your child's transposition, that request must be in writing per district policy. We cannot accept phone calls or email requests.

We also, cannot release students after 2:00 as we are preparing for dismissal.

October AB schedule

News from the PTA

Rosewood Media Center Curbside Pick up

Food Service to go program information

Free and Reduced Lunch Application Information