My enormious idea

i would love to have others to help join

My big idea would be to go to louisiana or other places that would have damages on their structors

how many places do you know that has a lot of damage structors? If your answer is i don't know then you would be right because their is a lot of places that has damages to their houses or buidings. so i want to go to these places and give help to reconstruct their house or business and also give their ;land a beautiful look to it. Volunteers are the best people to find for this job because they are the ones who take time out of their day just to help a struggling family or business owner with out a cost.

Not every one is able to go to places outside their state or city so try and find places that need help

Their are many places that need help with construction even places that are willing to pay for the servise but not a lot will pay so be open to justy help with nothing in return. I have a saying if you do something kind you better expect that it will not go unanswered. Their isn't a lot of people who are willing to help with out a price but thats why we have a heart to find our kindness and helping out with building structors is the best way to show you care and you are their.

This is by your friend Robert Ervin

I am 17 years old im in 11th grade and i am in the odyssey program with the man him self Mr.Thompson it is located at swartz creek global highschool.