Pennsylvania Colony

By Dylan Patterson


Did you know that Pennsylvania means Penn's Woods? I didn't! First, you will start out about finding out how P.A. started. After that, you can find out about the industrial economy as well! Lastly, our glorious founder.... William Penn! Now.. time to learn about how Pennsylvania was born!

The Birth of P.A.

William Penn made P.A. with a unowed debt from Charles II. Penn wanted land in the 'new world' as the payment for the debt. He wanted it so the quakers could all live in religous freedom and not controlled by the King. Many of those quakers came from New England, Scotland, and Ireland. When some Spanish settlers invaded, they were snooping out all of the gold! I wonder what Penn did for the King to have him pay a debt to Penn?

The Economy of Pennsylvania

How did everybody make money back then? The economy was shaped by 2 catagories, agriculture and industrial. Some agricultural ways would be... You can milk cows to make butter and get milk. You could have brought your wheat to a mill to get flour and make bread! But, P.A.'s industrial side was pretty good too! Jobs for making metal bars and steel rods opened up! Things became more and more machine made! Penn's Woods was one of the most industrial colonies! But still, farming is a big part of Pennsylvania's culture!

William Penn

William Penn was the glorious of P.A.! Penn lived from 1644 to 1718, so he was considered old back in those days. He lived as a quaker, a person who wanted to follow their own religous beliefs without causing harm to anything or anyone. They were never liked, and they were thrown in jail loads of times! But then one day, Charles II owed Penn a hefty debt. Penn asked the King to give him land in the new world. The King granted his wish. Penn took many quakers with him to join in religous freedom! Did the colony fail?


Without a doubt, Pennsylvania is one of my favorite colonys from colonial times. You read through on how P.A. was born! Also, you took a little look see into P.A.'s economy. And lastly, you wittnessed William Penn's triumph. That's all I have for my article so bye!


Debt- an unmowed amount of money

Economy- how people made money.

Quaker(s)- a person who wants to live in religous freedom.



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